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img116 Well, we’ve nearly got the homecoming show on the road.  We’ve met the family, Chessington is sparkling, the smells coming from the kitchen are delicious, Nick Marshall is patrolling the grounds. What little treat is in store today? Firstly…it’s some recipes. YES. Remember these nice little cupcakes you saw here  the other day?  https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/5275/convconv

Marguerita Cupcakes

pina-colada cupcakes

Well, after a little persuasion, Ranting is more than willing to share!  Imagine that. Not showing off or anything, but  Fury may have nicked Dev, she couldn’t get Crow to do that. What is more he made a gorgeous new banner for me.


With his arm broken in ten places too.  So firstly, courtesy of The Crow,  les recipes… Can we just please keep Dev’s sister Tilly, away given the amount of booze in these.

Margarita cupcakes.

Dry 200 grams flour, 7 grams baking powder (tablespoon scraped)
220 grams sugar, ½ tsp salt,  Lemon zest of one lemon

Wet 1 egg, 60ml sunflower oil (instead of buter), 120ml buttermilk or milk (1/2 cup) 60ml lime juice (1/4 cup)2 tbsp tequila

Frosting 225 grams unsalted butter (room temp) 600 grams powdered sugar, 1 tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp tequila. Pinch of coarse salt

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl. conv

                            (Shey. Hic..the larger the better says Tilly, the more Marguerita the better too. Someone get her out of here. Thank you.)

Put aside and mix the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Put wet mix into the dry mix and mix through until nice and smooth.
Fill cupcake papers 2/3 and bake in a preheated oven at an 180 ºC or for some 350 ºF or Gas mark 4 for about 25minutes until slightly golden. Leave to cool.

Making the frosting. Beat the butter till nice and silky and slightly lighter in colour, Add to that the powdered sugar and mix through till all sugar is mixed in now add the lime and tequila. If you want less alcohol use 1 tbsp of Tequila and 2 tbsp of lime juice  Mix to a smooth mix. Pipe the frosting on the cupcakes and sprinkle some of that coarse salt over and finish with a lime wedge.

Pina Colada cupcakes.

Dry 200 grams flour, 7 grams baking powder (tablespoon scraped)
220 grams sugar, ½ tsp salt, 100 grams shredded coconut

Wet 1 egg,  60ml sunflower oil (instead of butter) 180ml Coconut milk, (1/2 cup), 60ml lime juice (1/4 cup) 2 tbsp rumconv

                      (Shey .Please don’t mention rum either, we don’t want any more pirates about the place nicking Dev.)

Crème to pipe on top. Pineapple cream  1 vanilla pod
250ml pineapple juice, 40grams sugar, 2 egg yolks, 2 tbsp flour,
250grams of butter, 50 grams of powdered sugar.

Extra topping

Tiny dice of pineapple and roasted shredded coconut. Some pineapple jam if liked.

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl Put aside and mix the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Put wet mix into the dry mix and mix through until nice and smooth. Fill cupcake papers 2/3 and bake in a preheated oven at an 180 ºC or for some 350 ºF or Gas mark 4 for about 25minutes until slightly golden. Leave to cool.

Making the crème. Half the vanilla pod and scrape it out. conv

                          (Shey. Hide that before  Dev sees it  and  thinks it’s some substance he can abuse)

Bring in a pan the pine apple juice and vanilla and half the sugar to a boil. Mean time whisk the egg yolks and rest of sugar and stir in the flour. Mix in a splash of the heated liquid in to the egg mix and whisk it through. Pour it back in the pan and bring back to a boil. Now on low heat cook till down for about 5 minutes. Poor on a plate or platter and lay over a plastic film and leave to cool in fridge. Once cooled we can continue. Maybe could have said to make this first.

Beat the butter till nice and silky and mix in the powdered sugar. Add the cooled pine apple mixture. Make sure it mix in nicely. Now we can pipe it on. Double ring and in the middle have some pineapple dices and roasted coconut. If like heat up the jam with the diced pineapple  a little. Now I hand you back to Shehanne…..

…….. What can I say but I hope your arm gets better soon and added to the food, Pietro’s busily preparing, I reckon we will get Dev in the door. Anything involving booze and flooze is good. Which brings us from what’s first to what’s second here today.


Yes. The program continues with the lovely Elyzabeth M. Valey.  Not just a talented author but my very special doodling buddy…the things we do to while away a lonely hour that way, you have no idea. When I chucked the invitation to help with the homecoming to celebrate my forthcoming release, her way, Elyzabeth firstly came up with this doodleHomecomingdoodleThen she agreed to do the…..party games. OOOOH! So long as these involve booze and flooze I am sure Dev will stick around long enough to want to stay. But just let’s remember it is 1809, so who knows if these games will be enough for him…

  Fun and Games by Elzyabeth M. Valey.


I’m sure that with such fascinating guests as there are in this party, conversation won’t lull to a dull but just in case I thought I’d propose a few games.

Cards: conv

From Loo to Commerce, bring some money for there is always some gambling involved. Be careful with your purse or you might end up like my Vincent’s brothers, indebted to their graves- though they preferred Gentleman’s clubs rather than formal parties.

(Shey. Hmmmm. Well, so long as it’s not Happy Families. Bring money with the Starkadder Sisterhood about though? They’ll have it off you before you can say….)


Heat some brandy in a shallow bowl and throw in some raisins. Light them. Now, pluck them out and eat them without getting burnt.  Fun eh?

                   (Shey. Hmmmm. Dev might think this a shocking waste of booze he’d sooner drink. But  I guess if certain fingers got burntAnd to make sure we could play this one first…. )

  Blind Man’s Bluff:


Like hide and seek but with a little more touching, if you ask me. Someone from the party is blindfolded and counts to twenty while everyone else goes on to hide around the room. The blindfolded person has to chase and catch someone and identify the person by touch alone (this can be interesting *grin*). If identified correctly then that person is “it”.

(Shey. Now this one..if Dev was just interested in the nice young ladies at the party, but then he does like bad ones so he just might be tempted to play….) 

Hot Cockles:

(Shey. surprisingly…after thinking god knows what will come up on google images….)conv

I have a dirty mind and the name of this game brings certain images to mind…as do the rules:  Blindfolded, one player sits or kneels and places his head in someone else’s lap. He then places a hand on his back, palm up, while the other players take turn to strike it. The submissive, er, blindfolded person, must then guess who hit him.

   (Shey. I am saying nothing because….)

 Then of course there is always the


                    (Shey. Clock this …on the chequered floor too)

How about some lively English country dance such as  Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot?

(Shey.  I am saying nothing here either. )

Or perhaps something more romantic like the Waltz (though it was deemed inappropriate until about 1814)?  Dancing was a great way to flirt back in the age… though if you ask me, I think I’d rather play the blindfold games *giggle*

(Shey. Hmm well poor Dev has a shattered thigh so he probably would sooner play blindfold games too.)


SO…there we go, it only remains for me to thank Elyzabeth, not just for her friendship but doing this today. And say that she  has several books out. She’s brought one along today.  Tomorrow we have one more lady to hear from on my release day countdown…. As it ‘s Anne  Lange, I am sure you can guess the spice level…

conv The Golden Cock (Naughty Fairy Tale and book 1 of the Witches’ Mischief Series)

Kind-hearted Vincent Stowe spent years with an inferiority complex until, one day, after accepting to help an older woman with an odd request he receives a life-changing gift.

“Ice Duchess” Brielle is desperate for a solution to her inability to orgasm, so when word about a man with a magical cock reaches her ears, she decides that he just might be what she needs.

Will Vincent’s “Golden Cock” be enough for the “Ice Duchess”, or will something else come to play along the way?

Be Warned: multiple partners, MFM, FFM, m/m sex, f/f sex

Available at:

Evernight Publishing
All Romance Ebooks


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