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crow 4

Firstly, far be it for me to say anything, but….

have you3

I mean Dev  seems to have vamooshed despite the fact that

Taking Cae of Business.....

I really don’t want to have to go ask Fury about it but I have a horrible feeling…… Just when Incy reblogged the post too explaining how

after a jostled retreat from my own heroes, Nick, Jack and Will, Nick Marshall stepped up, hiding his concern of travelling back across the centuries.


AND after Noelle Clark mugged this up for a giggle…..

vogue giggle

she’s gone and pinched him although how I have no idea. We must just hope that Nick and just maybe the Starkadder Sisterhood can put this right if the business Fury is taking care of involves kidnap. Tomorrow we continue with the actual event program.  The reason I feel fearless about it is that tomorrow one of these lovely ladies is sending us a very special guest who will soon find Dev. regency gift tag3

Hopefully not in a brothel at that IF that is really where he is.

Yesterday we had the lovely Alison showing us just how tastefully and beautifully she could make Chessington sparkle and be the kind of place you’d want to properly stay in. https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/welcome-to-chessington/conv

as opposed to turning it into a brothel. conv

Today I am welcoming a special guest amongst the lovely ladies I’ve come to know since setting out on this game…regency men

.okay that’s more robin there, but…  Crow,  is well, seriously? Crow is Crow. And I wouldn’t be without his comments. (Besides if Fury has got Dev, you think I won’t do a swop here when Myrtle the parrot has the hots for our feathered friend.)

Seriously Ranting Crow is a great poet and writer. He does a weekly Heart Ship chapter about lost love and also  a zany on going tale about Milady Chambelle and McSniff…cats by the way.


But he’s also busy with other things and my fingers are crossed this will be the year for him.

So, what’s Crow doing for the homecoming. Well firstly he hasn’t come empty handed. Noticing Noelle’s Pietro had no sweets,



and of course not wanting to suffer the fate of being baked in a pie, Crow has provided his devilish his top secret ..


                        (Saff would steal these)

Pina-colada cupcakes and


          (Saff would steal those too. I would steal these)

Marguerita cupcakes. ……

In fact had Saff made off with these ten years ago instead of sapp6

and just eaten them instead, the story would be quite different. As for Dev after being ten years in the army….

the indignities he’d suffered as a duke’s son in that damned regiment to begin with, how they’d
pissed in his food—pissed on more than his food

I would think Dev might be tempted by these cupcakes. Crow certainly does. That’s why he’s perfectly willing to  help Alison enhance Chessington by  sitting in a nicely guilded cage. Although  I must say now he’s done so and we want these recipes……


even if crows hate being caged. crow2


So, the music is playing , the food is circulating, the place is sparking, the security is back up and running and the bird is caged, tomorrow we welcome a lady with special powers….

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