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img171Yes. Today, in terms of the homecoming, it’s time to look at the place itself. The food is circulating, courtesy of Noelle Clark’s Pietro.



Thanks to Antonia Van Zandt, the music has certainly taken a  u turn for the better. Jeanny_3


and as for the security….well, https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/when-security-is-at-stake-who-we-gonna-call/invit2

her team of special agents and specially disguised agents…conv

proved a big success yesterday, even if Antonia and I did slug it out behind the scenes over Jack.


Talk about taking care of business. Incy I mean. She’s a Corleonie that way. And by the way the Corleonies have votes now too.


We’ve met the Hawley family. So today, on the Loving Lady Lazuli release day countdown what is in store? Well, I am delighted to welcome the fourth of these ladies

yes 2

Alison who is beavering away —AREN’T YOU ALISON?—on various manuscripts. In addition to beavering, Alison has a fabulous blog http:/belovedeleanor.co.uk/ But, she also has fandabbydosy Pinterest boards. http://pinterest.com/eleanorcastile

AND not content and one of the reasons I’ve invited her to show us Chessington, she’s been kind enough to design pinterest boards for Lady Fury  http://pinterest.com/eleanorcastile/dressing-lady-fury/ a daunting task AND -sorry Anne Lange– The Fury and Flint wedding.

white wedding cake red flowers | winter wedding cake | black and red wedding | Photo Love


So, when it came to recreating Chessington for me, who else was I gonna ask? So what kind of place Dev coming home too? Does it really resemble..

A place from where the soul had fled, as opposed to a place he fully intended flaying the soul from.

Or has Alison transformed its tattered edges and threadbare soul? Let’s take a look shall we? Firstly let me show you how she sees Chessington.conv

Let me show you the place that inspired Loving Lady Lazuli, a place I have never seen  until today doing this post. convYately Hall. As to why? Well, that’s a family history story and Antonia is going to be sharing that next week.
So, yeah, Alison has done a good job there. She’s got the driveway, whereas I have it all wrong with that moat. SO now the coach comes to a halt and we go inside.
 Yep…the chess-board floor.
Drinks anyone? As Dev says to his sister Tilly…

it’s kind of you to lay on the champagne. Your departure should be toasted.”

Will he change his mind when he sees the library?conv
and what’s in it…I mean he likes conv


saffy 24

Oops…Who we gonna call?

More would be telling. But you can see more of Alison’s fabulous board including the piano, conv

Saff can’t play and Belle can’t sing to  here,


It only remains for me to thank her for taking the time to put these wonderful boards together and to say that tomorrow we have another special guest…a gentleman….

regency men