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convWell, today it’s day four on the homecoming arrangements. Yesterday, author Antonia Van Zandt, having headed Tilly in the direction of the vino further collapso…conp

                          (MY God, slugged already)

Antonia got to grips with the music program. https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/having-met-the-family/


Meantime Pietro, author Noelle Clark’s hero has been busy in the kitchen –Pic_3a_Pietro


Obviously there’s still tons to be seen to as some fabulous ladies I’ve come to know

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one gentleman regency men

help me celebrate the release of my new book and series. conte

Let’s be clear, with a squad like the Starkadder Sisterhood about, nicking necklaces right left and centre, breaking open caskets, rifling drawers and safes, climbing chimneys to escape,  we can’t take any chances on the security for the event.  These girls are dangerous when cornered. Dev might get stolen before he even gets in the door, especially with folks like Anne Lange about. Or even Lady Fury bagging him for her blog.

So where better to put that worry but in the safe hands of Incy Black. Her heroes are all Black Ops guys…..


Antonia and I are NOT going to fight with her re Jack. Already it is bad enough we fight with each other. Yes. They are a little modern. Nick who is here today may have to look a bit more the part. Oh, tie the hair back, get on the cravat Do you seriously think I like guys looking like



okay…well… I’ll grant an exception for Colin.

But who better to deal with the security for a high octane gent than a high octane gent? When Incy sent me this piece she said, please adjust the characterization of Dev but I’m going to keep the delights of Dev’s character for the 16th of Jan chapter one reveal.  Although I did remove the smiling references. Dev smile? How about wassthat?

To Catch a Thief by Incy Black

There is a gulp, maybe a charm, of magpies aflight in the area. Clever, devious thieves hell bent on gathering baubles and sparkles. And then there’s the recital. An evening of entertainment. A social gathering of the gem bedecked. A prize opportunity for those who would purloin. An imperative that they be denied.

jewels (1)Dev won’t be played for a fool. Not again. No jewels will be disappearing this night. History is for the making, not the repeating. Hence Dev’s turned to his friend Mashall for assistance, a spy, a master of security, a man as relentless (and reckless) in the pursuit of pleasurable escape as he. Come, let us eavesdrop on their preparations:conv

Sorry..in disguise of course.


Dev: “I’m not arming my footmen with pistols. Chances are they’d shoot me up the arse. It’s security I’m requesting, not a damned firing squad.”

Mashall: “So you don’t trust your own staff?”

Dev: “I don’t trust anyone.”

Mashall: “Wise, given your unfortunate experience, but…”

Dev: “No pistols! I can’t abide swooning females, and they’ll fall like swans shot at the sight of a weapon. It’s the godforsaken fashion.”

Mashall: “Then I’ll use my own men. They know how to be discreet. And whilst on the subject of discretion, kindly have the place aired before tonight. Opium’s not a scent to impress, not if the ladies are as delicate as you suggest. I had thought you’d forsaken that particular pleasure.”

Dev’s response, a half-muted muttering, is too filthy to share, but suffice to say Mashall, a champion of gutter language and anatomical description, barked a laugh of respect and admiration.)

Mashall: (Sobering) “My men. My rules. They’ll be patrolling the grounds and the corridors. You stick with the brandy if you’ve a need for numbness, but I want you alert. And present. No disappearing with a lady (or two). Not tonight. In fact I’ll be sealing all doors so the only caress you can expect is if our suspicions become aroused—then I’ll allow you a search of the culprit. Count your luck should the thieving bastard prove to be female.”

Dev: “I’d best order the fires to be kept well banked then. In my experience women recoil from cold hands as readily as pistols.”


Mashall (exasperated): “Stop focusing on the damned women.”

Dev: “I cannot. They’re the downfall of all good man, me included. Not that I’m complaining. It’s a hell of a way to stumble. Spent. Satiated. One’s skin still aflame with the remnant press of soft thighs and teasing tongue—”conv

Mashall (cocking a brow): Damn, but with the pistol you’ve just thrown, you’ll have the ladies swooning on arrival. Now get a grip and concentrate. No women. Definitely no opium, and easy on the brandy tonight. I’m putting you on Lady Lazuli. Keep your wits about you with that one. Watch her like a hawk.”Smoke

Dev  “I always do. But it’s her companions I’m worried about. What is it you call a gathering of cats? A scratch? No, I believe it’s a destruction of cats—how very apt.”

Mashall: “Leave Lady Lazuli’s friends to me. I’ve a reputation for herding cats.”

Dev: Trust me, pretty as they are, these are no ordinary women. Maybe we should fix the punch. To subdue, and dull the sharpness of their claws.”

Mashall: “Now where would be the fun in that. At night’s end I’ll likely fancy a bit of companionship, and whilst compliance is to be valued, like all trained hunters, I enjoy a good chase.”

Dev  “To the chase. To comeuppance.”conv

Mashall  “And to the victor the spoils.”

Dev: Just so long as it’s only the family jewels that get exercised tonight, rather than gems better dangled around a throat or from an ear.”

 Typical. You can hold a man from drugs, stay a man from drink, but keep them from the warm embrace of a woman…not a chance.


 My thanks to Shehanne for allowing me to skulk. There’s no better temptation that watching men, however skilled in the physical arts, set themselves up for a fall. Dev, you’ll find out all about on 17th Jan, for Mashall’s tumble from grace you’ll have to wait until April when Hard to Hold comes into play. And even then, it will only be his great, great, great, great, grandson you’ll get to meet, but peas in a pod spring to mind, both men hard, bad and pissed off…and in dire need of the love of a dangerous woman.


It only remains for me to thank Incy, whose books will be out soon from Entangled,  for coming along and ensuring that Chessington is jewel thief free. But what about Chessington itself? How will it look for Dev’s homecoming? Find out tomorrow when the lovely Alison Lodge reveals all.

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