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At least some of them. Belle is actually a ward and perfect  Mr Ardent, just above there on the right, has popped his clogs. As have ….images of white paper

before I say Devorlane’s long suffering parents, maybe we should consider who exactly has been the longest suffering? Once I have chapter one up you can make your own minds up re that. Yesterday we had Pietro,

Pic_3a_Pietrohero of Noelle’s Clark’s Rosamanti running about in the Chessington kitchens, in advance of Dev’s homecoming, throwing some fabulous Italian appetizer dishes together.  Tomorrow we are going to be looking at the music program for the recital–sure Dev will be thrilled notexcept it’s courtesy of Antonia van Zandt, another of the lovely author buddies, I have asked to help me ensure he gets in the door and more importantly stays there for the Loving Lady Lazuli launch on Jan 17th…..yes 2

The fact she’s female will award her 100 brownie points here.

Today, having shown you the creepy and kooky Hawley family, what I really want to do is look at a few famous families and ask when Dev has such difficulties belonging in his, which one could you stand to belong in? I mean…what are the pros and cons?

The Von Trapp Family.


Okay. So when you watched this as a kid you thought How smart. I want to be Gretel or whoever. And I get to learn to sing and dress like an Alpine gypsy. But could you really stand being warbled at day and night by a grinning, goat puppet wielding ex nun,  hitting on your  dad in these stakey clothes? Being made to dress in curtains, the yodelling alpine trousers either for that matter? Bring on the Baroness. Of course the choice is yours. (PS. They will NOT be attending the homecoming)

The Waltons.


Now, I am going to be very careful here because I know some of you like the Waltons. But then some of you probably like Maria Von Trapp-film version-and think she’s a lovely woman. SO, why bother? Let’s look at the plus side. ‘Relatives and strangers occasionally pass by’. Sounds good to me.  The negative…you’d need a millionaire’s bankroll for the throat lozenges..all these ‘Goodmight Ma’… ‘Goodnight Sue Ellen..’s

Oh sorry , she’s in the Ewings.


 consider the merits. At least they got J R. The downside? All that dosh, all that oil, all that conniving, if you’re anything like the Borgias…is there one?

inspired by the Borgias… Corleones.conv

Well. We did have an Italian influence yesterday. They’re not very nice to horses, let’s face it. This could be difficult if as a kid you loved Black Beauty and My Little Pony and just suppose you crossed grandad. But they do make offers you might find hard to refuse so who knows?


Well, I got the HAWLEY BUNCH, so I might as well have the Crawleys. The pros…you get waited on hand and foot AND have Maggie Smith as your grandma. AS well as slug copious amounts of port and let’s face it they aren’t on soggy pretzel, Christmas leftover rations. The cons….you seem to go about with a greeting face half the time.

Which brings us to…look I never watched the Brady Bunch okay? So forget the Brady bunch. We don’t need no Brady Bunch

The Robinsonsconv

The pros…as a kid..getting to live on  a fancy planet and be in danger every week. Yes! As an adult insufficient hot partners.

The Griswoldsconv

I don’t know if I could stand having Mr for a father. He’s such a dork, and as for Mrs trying to ignore that other hand on her butt. Like you’d think she’d know it’s not his. Or maybe she does?  But hey, over Christmas at least he does decs even if they are over the top. And he does take his family to Wally World after all.



well of course I was a little gothic brat as a kid so I am struggling to think of a con. Who wouldn’t want a mum like Mortiicia? A dad who adores her like Gomez does? Or a sister like Wednesday? Come to think of it I was probably the sister like Wednesday. But I am sure there are cons and you will tell me them.

So before normal service resumes tomorrow, please vote on the family you would love to belong in. WordPress, knowing how much time I have to play with here are of course not letting me have more than four answers SO that’s why there’s 2 polls.

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