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Meet the Starkadder Sisterhood from Loving Lady Lazuli https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/the-starkadder-sisterhood-london-jewel-thieves/

Happy New Year to you all. I know I should start with some… conv

maybe even some….


But let’s just look at that poster there. I do go to festivals and I do dance.  I tell stories. I read poetry. See a play? Oh come on.  So instead when it comes to resolutions, I kept it simple. I kept it something I know I can keep. conv

After all Ranting Crow says I am better at being bad, so why not? As for the fireworks, these have been going on over at Lady Fury’s blog I am ashamed to say. I have had to go and get my new heroine, Sapphire back from there. Not that Sapphire can’t take care of herself.  We just don’t want a catfight now do we? Both their quite lovely dresses ripped to shreds? So….


and this gentleman…


Nicodemus Starkadder, and of course the ladies at the top of the blog, what are they all to one another, not to mention London in 1809, what was it like? conv

Starting with the latter question, Britain was a country at war.  Certainly in the Portuguese Peninsular, oh and in the Baltic and just about everywhere else you care to name. And while all this was going on, was there peace at home?  No. The Berners Street Hoax and the Old Price Riots–over the cost of theatre seats, no less, certainly kept the nation on its toes.conv

It’s just the time and place for a gang of jewel thieves to thrive. And run by Nicodemus Starkadder, that’s what they’ve been doing for several years. Or rather he has thrived, while they’ve been owned.  Now he’s dead, courtesy of Diamond…

diaomdthe good ladies have been scattered to the four winds. Even before that the action in book one, Loving Lady Lazuli,  has been moved from London to quiet, rural Berkshire, where Sapphire, Ruby and Pearl are hiding out.  But Starkadder had a right hand man, Gil Gressingham…

gil gwho has a great fondness for Sapphire.  Of course he’s not the only one. Lord Devorlane Hawley has a fondness for her too. Or rather an inclination to see her dangle on a rope end after what she did to him ten years ago. devpoooss

I’ve been keeping Gil Gressingham dark,. But Fury has the first bit of this extract over on her blog


and some of you were asking me where’s the next bit. So I’m  sharing it specially today. There’s more about the ‘sisters’ here

https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/the-starkadder-sisterhood-london-jewel-thieves/ not to mention on Pinterest.

And the lovely Noelle Clark is shortly going to spill even more, especially about Pearl..frame for pearl

For today I have this…..

‘Cass’s hackles rose. Why, he himself used the word rape. Did he think she wouldn’t accuse him when her back was to the wall like this? Though the thought stole that stepping out here, dressed as she was, might require no small explanation.

Would it not be better to placate him? Or best still, push the stick herself in the hope he might take it as an invitation to depart before he got into trouble? She tightened her grip.

 “How dare you speak to my companion this way. Ruby, stay exactly where you are.”

 Yes, it would be better to placate him. But if anyone was going to order Ruby, it would not be him.

 “Wif pleasure, Cassidy.”

 Another vicious jerk of the stick. His breath, like hers, like Ruby’s, hit the air in a freezing white puff. It also hit her. “Very well. How about I tell this man here—what’s the name?”

 “’Ee touch a solitary ‘air on moih lydy’s ‘ead—”

 “How about I tell Barron about the man who will touch not just that solitary hair, Lady Armstrong? The one with the nice length of rope who will touch your whole head, with a sack, who will put that rope ‘round your—”

 “Get ’im, Pearl!”

 Dear God, while that would be very nice, if Cass didn’t do something, blood would be spilled. His. Of course it would be his own fault. But it would also be hers if she had to bury him in her herb garden. Besides she was unsure about Barron. Where he would stand on the matter of assistance. A broom handle may have been sawing his windpipe, but it did not mean he was one of them. What might be around the county tomorrow about her?

“Kill ’im! Toffee-nosed snout.”

 Ruby sprung and Devorlane Hawley did not hit her back. Cass’s throat constricted, the noise that came from the back of it not one she would usually make. Men, certainly those of her acquaintance, would never do such a thing. Did or did her own back not bear witness to that fact? What Starkadder had done to her that day. And not just that day. Every day she’d refused to steal.

Of course, a corpse would make things inconvenient for her. Who would have thought he’d have retaliated like this, a powerful man like him, who had no fear of arrest, though? Plainly not herself or she’d never have opened her mouth. Let alone row with him over a kiss, a kiss she gave him so she could worm off the hook, a kiss which would be a complete waste if she didn’t stop this unraveling further, if they had to flee the county.

 “Ruby. Ruby—no. No.”

“Get orf of me, Cass.” Ruby tried wrenching the handle free—no doubt because her fists weren’t good enough. “I knows whot I’m doin’. Stickin’ it ‘round ‘ere like ‘e owns the bleedin’ place. Smarmy—”

 “No, Ruby!”

 “’E thinks ‘e knows. ‘E don’t know jack-shit. ‘E—”


 “What the bloody hell is going on here?”

 The voice—given it wheezed worse than a rusty gate hinge—still held that note. Unmistakable. Unbelievable. The one that always knifed right through Cass’s senses, freezing her. Bones. Marrow. Thoughts. To quote what Ruby had just said wasn’t this just shiny bright?’.

copyright Loving Lady Lazuli Shehanne Moore. Etopia Press. ……………………..So there we go , it only remains for me to show this….

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And to say the wonderful Anne Belle of Tales Along the Way…. http://talesalongtheway.com/ (which I just posted wrongly there as Ales along the way.. A very nice thought. Sorry Anne.) …just totally made my day by giving me it.

convOkay we know it is now 2014 and a whole new round on this award. But Anne has been pretty caught up with her family. She put this out anyway, with the proviso that those she nominated proudly display the logo just the same. So damn right I’m doing it.

As with Amelia,  I am truly  honoured Anne follows me. Her blog… ‘Through my eyes and words, I want each of you to experience this exotic, ancient country, India,’ has nothing to do with erotic romance. For me that’s what makes my day.