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ABC BLOG AWARD FROM AMELIA CURZON, MUNGAI AND THE GOA CONSTRICTOR‘I don’t know if you accept awards,’ the lovely Amelia Curzon asked the other week. Right in the middle of that naughty blog hop.

Like Jack Niicolson doesn’t accept Oscars, I don’t. Let me tell you first of all about Amelia Curzon. She’s firstly a wonderful children’s author. Yep. I am really proud that a children’s author follows me. But she not only wrote this….conv

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor, set in a rainforest of an unnamed Continent and told through the eyes of animals, Amelia is an amazing spokesperson for all these creatures we share the planet with.


SORRY. Amelia would know I’d pull something like that ….if only… and if you think that’s bad you should see Incy Black’s zoo.

Seriously,visit Amelia’s blog, if you don’t believe the work she does for all the endangered species.  conv


Wonderful animals who can’t speak for themselves.



Cute huh? You can see more here at her official blog site.

http://t.co/G9CmQkNot9 as well as her book on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Mungai-Goa-Constrictor-ebook/dp/B005H2EHAA/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319975582&sr=1-1

I’m honoured she thought of me for this award. Even reading the rules, I’m honoured–unlike certain of my heroes when it comes to rules  The first two rules are simple. Display the logo and link back to the person who gave you the award and nominate some other blogs. Now we come Rule 3. To quote my hero, Flint at this stage. ‘You mean there’s more?’

YEP Flint, there is… like even you didn’t imagine. Rule 3 –work through the alphabet writing one word or phrase about yourself or things you like or associate with yourself  that begins A…B….C….  All 26 of them. So here goes. (No. Not going to moan like Flint here)

Awful            Bad

C…..  Christmas      DECORATIONSconv

Easygoing –not (Oops skipped )

Fanciful. (My god, keeping this clean and not just naming 26 sumexy guys here is a killer…like G is For….)

Glencoebirthday glen 042

Instead of Gerard Butler


if I named Rhett Butler there with Gerard  that wouldah taken care of R too, don’t you think? . conv

So where are we now? Oh definitely

Inn – the Clachaig especiallycccccc

J..Oh come on. I can’t take not showing one sumexy guy.


This being good stuff is killing so here’s the one guy  Tuan Ho says he’d turn gay for. Josh Holloway.

Kilts…… (Easy-peasy.) (Gerard in a kilt)


Sean in a kilt conv

Callm in a kilt HisJudasBride_ByShehanneMoore-453x680

(Did I say something about behaving ? )

Love –hell romance writer amn’t I? Also she’s getting so jealous



COVER REVEAL! Loving Lady Lazuli

Lazuli AND Lady F.

Mountains Music Mr Shey The hell with one.

Some rules are made to be broken.

birthday glen 002

(Ok, so I reckon that takes care of N O and P. Hell Q and R too and brings us to

Sumexy guys…su5


All right…all right… I will be good. (One day)




Vow (How) vould (would) I vnow…viv I vas a varanormal vriter vit vould ve vampires

Wine- buckets of it.




There done it. So now, we come to the nominees. These bloggers whose content is awesome. I know many bloggers here and ALL their blogs are fabulous, but I am trying to choose those whose content is either different, or who make the usual seem that way. And yes there are some regulars but that is why. But there’s some new ones. Please check them out. Here goes.

Catherine Cavendish http://t.co/un1uiotgNq

Poet Quinn Tales From A Silver River.  http://perspiringpoet.wordpress.com/

Noelle Clark  Journeys With Noelle http://t.co/f36t0xR1dx

Tales Along the Way http://talesalongtheway.com/

Anne Lange http://http://t.co/lXAPDLHZBo

Antonia Van Zandt http://t.co/c8lM9ewJDU

Dean J Baker http://t.co/uzIEy9M43B

Ranting Crow http://t.co/sdilVDNjdt