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Before you think you came to the wrong blog today….you never. Let’s move past the greatest Christmas story ever told to the second greatest…. Well, in my humble book  when it comes to Christmas I still love the opening lines of conv

Well, how would Christmas be Christmas without any presents…..

But when it comes to getting certain aspects of Christmas sur le plate as they say. for me it is still that book that encompasses all the aspects—- horror, ghosts, music, CAROLS, families, like or loathe them,  never mind the lost  past, present and future. AND the characters. For me, it is still this one…conv

Jeez, I even forget the Tiny Tim smaltz, in favour of the names in this story. That ‘s why on this …very naughty blog hop and cover reveal with Anne Lange…Hmmm, she has got something re the nine ladies dancing….http://authorannelange.com/2013/12/19/ninth-day-of-christmas/

as part of our special cover reveal giveaway.Book Titles

My lips are sealed as to  what exactly Anne has done with the song today….

I am not only letting you in on Dug’s lovely Christmas card, she went to a lot of trouble to design after authors Aubrey Wynne and Antonia Van Zandt admired her. I think it may be false eye-lashes next. Let’s face it Dug  never got that Callm fancied Kara not her. hansa-great-dane-dog-stuffed-animalimghsahsa1080_l

I am not JUST bringing you something different on my advent calendar page, I am inviting ONE VERY BRAVE MAN onto my sumexy blog in the midst of this mayhem, to discuss the ghost of Christmas FUTURE……..IF Like  a certain gent we don’t take care….


Have yourself a very merry eco Christmas…….. By Peter Romilly. (Not pictured above.)

What do you do if you want to be green at Christmas? You could try a spot of face painting (ho ho ho)conv

                    (hmmmm …clock the green to the left there)

…..Or dig a hole in the ground and hibernate. Your friends won’t disturb you ‘cos they won’t know you’re there, and you’ll be using your own body heat rather than that expensive and probably polluting electricity from the national grid.


           ( But can we play Harry and Sally charades???)

Failing this radical and rather non-festive idea, my suggestion is to try reuse and recycling. How about vases made from fire extinguishers? conv ll

          (saying nothing except Peter was brave to come on here)

plates made from flattened wine bottles…


(a few I..uh.. sat me  ass on earlier.  Largely cos this is getting like an alternative 12 days of Christmas)

Belts made from bike tyres, wallets from strips of fire hose? And if you’re really posh, try upcycled presents, like an ipad case stitched from a mail sack, gold leaf tumblers from beer bottles, bangles and necklaces fashioned from unwanted cutlery.


(My god…my new heroine wouldn’t just have fashioned these..  she’d have stuck them on you and wrecked your life.)

There are a number of companies that sell these products, like www.uncommongoods.com  in the US and www.treehugger.com  and www.nigelsecostore.com  in the UK.

All these items look good, they’re interesting, and they’re more sustainable than the mountains of battery powered plastic junk that will be lining the shelves of your shopping centre. And talking of batteries…conv

                               ( Saying nothing re the other day only   Peter is really brave. AND he  has a great new book out.)

…..why not buy stuff like squeezy or windup torches instead of adding to the pile of little metal cylinders leaking acid into our soil? Buying organic is good (fewer chemicals) but preferably don’t buy from companies too far away.

If you want to be really really green, what about going to a class that teaches you reuse and upcycling skills, then you can amaze your friends and rellies every year with the presents you personally made for them. There’s an organisation called Skillshare in the US and the UK which does exactly this.  For example, my local skillshare is http://www.skillsharedundee.org/.

Finally, here’s the big eco-Christmas conundrum: is it better to use a plastic Christmas tree year after year, or buy a real one every Yuletide?  I’m really not sure about this. Maybe Santa or one of his helpers will know. images

                      (We know who they are don’t we?)

I’ll listen out for the sleighbells as I munch my way through that organic locally produced mince pie served on a shiny platter made from the champagne bottle I’ve just drunk. Merry Christmas everyone!

…………………….. So there we have it for today, except to say, ANY guy brave enough to step on this blog right now  AND Lady Fury’s, deserves not just a special thank you AND a gold medal. He deserves to show off his new book.



The Year is 2050. Technology is dead. So are their plans.

Cli-Fidelity is a nuclear reactor with a difference – he’s underwater, tethered to the sea bed. He’s performed so well that the French government holds a special top-level conference to celebrate his twentieth birthday. But when Zeta Solek is invited on a promotional visit, she gets more than she bargained for, certainly not the group photo and commemorative DVD.

Her sister Dayna, a medical student on placement at Guy’s Hospital London, also finds her life turned upside down, but in a very different way. She’d been hoping to meet up with her boyfriend Marc, but an overnight stay in the Tower, a sturdy skyscraper  attached to the hospital, puts paid to all her plans.

Thrown into this mix is Jules, a nuclear scientist with a curious obsession. He may be a scientist, but he has more than particle physics on his mind.

Set in 2050, Cli-Fidelity is the sequel to 500 Parts Per Million, although the story can be read independently. It’s a tale of climate instability, a world where four people try to survive whatever the extreme weather throws at them. Prepare for a bumpy ride.

UK:  www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00H7F33PA  or

US:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H7F33PA  or

Australia: www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00H7F33PA or

Canada: www.amazon.ca/dp/B00H7F33PA

Meet Peter here.




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