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AHHHHHH. It’s that logo again…. The one that inspired me to find some new positions conv

and show you a piece of my Loving Lady Lazuli cover two days ago.


To mix up what day it was yesterday. (Keeping a low profile on that one. Attention to detail was never one of my finer points.)  But what I can tell you is that yesterday Anne added another line of the song. Another that leaves me having to resort to cheap scene-stealing tricks. (One of my not so fine points) to showing you another piece of my cover…. convYes. Toys, was what Anne showed you yesterday in our down to Christmas Eve cover reveals, for our new books  — Book Titles

coming soon from http://etopia-press.net/

There were rabbits there.conv

convAlthough I don’t know Anne’s were the kind Alice followed into Wonderland. Mind you maybe she did? maybe that’s why it’s called that. Anyway, I digress. Today is the eight day, Anne is of course showing you what we’ve got so far and sharing something Christmassy over here,


I am  as usual following her suggestions and instructions to the letter.

The song says 8 maids a’milking.conv

I am saying nothing re these blow up dolls ok. What I would say is that if my true love filled the house with all this junk on daily basis, I’d be  joining online dating.

Also put the boot on the other foot. You get some sexy milkmaids you know. Ladies, send eight of her to your partner,


be your partner male or female, you could be asking for trouble.

So what has Anne come up with? (Do you like how I blame her for all this naughtiness)…. Eight  Smexy Santas….sexy_santa

Hmmm. I am saying nothing about Decking or Halls.

I am going back to the maids a’milking for today’s tidbit from Loving Lady Lazuli. Let me introduce you to members of the Starkadder Sisterhood. The Jewel Thieves of London. Eight  maids a nicking. Each one a precious jewel in their own right. Each one owned and trained by the late  Nicodemus Starkadder. Each one now cast on fortune’s trading and changing winds….



in a fist fight, she’d  win hands down.

jade 4


Every newspaper in London applauded her actions.

jade 2


Little Miss Do it all.

jade 5


Plain as milk

jade 3


A very refined girl

jade 6


Not the kind to hang about.

jade 7


The mistress of crocodile tears.

And last but not least.

jade 8


If he’d encountered her in a whore house he’d have put down his fortune to possess her.

So that’s it for today folks..  To enter the rmblings4

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