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I must say what a jet setting life one leads as a writer. I  am off to Canada today. Yup. conv

Without moving an inch.  I’m going to visit my friend, Scot’s lass Christine Elaine Black. And before some of my other friends due to blog here think I have forgotten them, I haven’t, it’s just been…conv

No actually, it’s been… Oh you know what is coming don’t you….


or rather who… Pardon me while I have  a break down at the airport here.


The lovely Christine asked for the link last night. LINK? Thought I what link? Into the works came the third round editing spanner, followed by the Scottish Book Week and you give us 50 words for the program on your book spanner.  Lady Fury in 50 words? More of that shortly but I am going to be appearing here..


Dundee‘s DCA along with some wonderful writers on Nov 30th as part of the Book Marathon Event.  So  now as well as jet-setting I need running shoes?


Oh come on, I write erotic, do you think I am gonna be seen dead in  any old baffies?

Seriously it is my pleasure to swop blogs with Christine today. We both write Historicals and we neither stick to the same time periods as you can see… here we have les Romans… le smexy Taurus….


And  here we have les Lancastrians….

A rose for Lancaster CEB Cover

as in red and white roses, wars and TV dramas like The White Queen..


(Was I alone in preferring the smexy opposition?)

The biz of writing in different time periods and the problems of that is something I was recently asked about on a book tour. SO we thought we’d take a look at certain aspects of writing historicals. me over at Christine’s lovely blog –


By the way when you are there…check out her free book

You can get it conv


okay? And the lovely Christine over here…..

Anachronisms by Christine Elaine Black

I love writing historical novels; the formal language, the old world description, the characters living in a time without modern gadgets…. But there’s one big no-no when it comes to telling your story and that’s the dreaded word for every historical writer: anachronism!

Anachronism you say?

According to the dictionary it’s “an act of attributing a custom, event or object to a period to which it does not belong.

What does this mean to the historical writer…..?

Let me tell you.

In one of my ancient Roman stories the character wears a beautiful yellow dress. In my mind I picture this to be the colour of sunflowers. Sunflower

Did they have or know about sunflowers in ancient Rome? Great question. It may not matter to some readers and may not interfere with their enjoyment of the story but it does matter to many historical readers and if they know a sunflower was unheard of in ancient Rome…. you will be hearing about it!

And you guessed it. It’s native to the Americas.

What about the tomato? TomatoPlant

It is, after all, an Italian staple! Guess what? Mexican.

You get the idea. Referencing something before it’s time ruins the story for historical reading and writing addicts.

One of the funny comments I received in my initial feedback for Maximus


was about using the phrase ‘standing on the sidelines’. Too modern; they said.

I agree completely! Those darned anachronisms sneak in where they are not wanted and as a historical reader and writer we come across them and try to correct them!

So there you have it.

Are you distracted by anachronisms in historical fiction? Leave me a doozy of an example if you have one in the comments.

And as they say in ancient Rome; ‘See you later, Alligator!’ Fotolia 22627154 XS Avi for Christine Elaine Black colored

Now it’s time for Christine to whizz back to Canada, much as she loves it here. But you can find Christine here




You can also check out her fabulous books. A Rose For Lancaster…..

A York woman and a Lancaster man are forced into a marriage contract to please  King Henry VII. Blanche Langley is swept into King Henry’s ambitious  manoeuvres to secure the throne. Tensions flare as a plot to overthrow the king is discovered.

As the York forces gather to make one last effort to win the throne, will Blanche betray her king and her husband, Giles Beaufort?

And Maximus and Taurus.

You can also see her other interviews here…here