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Ooooh….. Now, straight off I am signing a disclaimer . This…..

theimpostorskiss_byreneamason800x1200has nothing whatsoever to do with the Highlanders v Fire Fighters ‘Hot Off’  between the lovely Nikki Dee Houston and myself, http://t.co/t2gyKCgLhk


When Etopia Press called us ‘cute’ on Twitter the other day? (Been called many things, never that.) How could it be?

 No. This is just a case of fortuitous -oops sorry –unfortunate timing.  If you do not believe me you can look here..


And…bigger wow….here.


For those who don’t want to click and tear themselves away from this er…fascinatingly interesting blog…having doubtless done it twice already……the lovely author Renea Masonrenea

has this to say.,

Several months ago, historical romance author and fellow Etopia Press author asked me to invite Cyril over to her blog.  It was around the time Shehanne was releasing His Judas Bride.

She told me that she set the story in seventeenth century Scotland.  So I decided to sit down and ask Cyril what he was up to at that time.  What resulted was Impostors’ Kiss.

So I’m ever grateful to Shehanne for her inspiration and for the opportunity to allow people to get to know Cyril better.

Thank you, Shehanne!

SEE? No underhand tricks. Can I help it if,  having written that story Renea asked me a special favour. Would I be good enough to reveal her cover? To quote Mae West— a fav of my friend Antonia Van Zandt http://t.co/c8lM9ewJDU (Oh dig the Etopia love in today) conv

goodness has nothing to do with it. One look at that cover on the Etopia Press loop and  I was just ‘goodest’ at twisting Renea’s arm. Seriously, Etopia’s recent covers have been crackers. Let’s just look at Nikki’s again….


See what I mean? Highlanders v Fire fighters? Hard choice.

So….. what is and who is sumexy Cyril, hero of The Impostor’s Kiss, apart from the fact he gate-crashed here last month and is the hero of Renea’s stunning debut…


What can we s’expect?

Well, this time round he’s weary from weeks of travelling the Scottish moors–don’t blame him —

mayg 031( a little one I took earlier by the way )

but his luck takes a turn when he rescues a battered and broken child. To express his gratitude, the boy’s father offers Cyril a night of carnal indulgence with his eldest daughter. (Obviously he’s not THAT weary. In fact you got to love the fact he graciously accepts. Looking like he does on the cover I don’t think she’d be too troubled either.)

To return to my question re Cyril. Cyril IS a supernatural sex god and deliverer of souls. (And I let him leave this blog?) And he’s now live on Amazon.


It remains for me to say…. Several things actually…lucky you since I have a cover comp to promo too today. The first is congratulations

Renea Mason on your release day, may your arm I broke recover,  so you can sign many autographs and may you have many sales of Cyril.

Secondly, Voici La Blurb…


One night of sexual pleasure could teach a lesson in love.

Cyril is weary from weeks of traveling the Scottish moors, but his luck takes a turn when he rescues a battered and broken child. To express his gratitude, the boy’s father offers Cyril a night of carnal indulgence with his eldest daughter. Cyril graciously accepts, looking forward to a night of sexual release to ease the loneliness of his travels.

But what the supernatural sex god and deliverer of souls doesn’t expect is to be taught a lesson in love from the young and beautiful Celestine.

In a night of passion, two lost spirits find solace in an impostor’s kiss: one longing for a love that doesn’t yet exist, the other drowning in pain and guilt over love lost. Neither is what they seem…but what they learn will change them forever…

Les links for Renea.

Finally..talking covers

No not covers that talk okay, the lovely H. N. Seiverding is running


(Now that’s cute, not me and Nikki Dee)


She has a pile of books to giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment box, a vote for the cover you like best and your email addy.  Why am I promoting this…well why do you think after the lovely lady asked me to join in?