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Now….just calm yourselves folks. I may write erotic romance the inch in question is all to do with….


familiar sight from two blogs back anyone? Miss Dee Houston that is and the poll she was thinking of running over here —http://t.co/t2gyKCgLhk in my absence this weekend. Yes  as I did rigorous things like this…birthday glen 002Glencoe, having the time of my life I must say. Probably lucky to have any life at all. The descent was a put your foot in my footsteps job. Winter sun though …nice eh?birthday glen 014

I was

birthday glen 009

top of the world because of being invited to read from my books at Scottish Book Week- scrape me off the floor with the fish slice.


But also cos it was my birthday AND two of the lovely Clachaig Inn ladies….birthday glen 023

didn’t just arrange this….

birthday glen 021

Lorraine–on the right there–made it. I am telling you now, it wasn’t just marvellously kind, it, itself,  was  fabulous

No wonder she’s now making some of the puddings.  I had to fight Mr Shey off to get a piece. You may know there’s nowt left. SO, anyway, while I’m there, getting all these lovely pics to show you..here’s a few of the Lochan  yesterday.

birthday glen 042

birthday glen 038

birthday glen 039

Autumn was certainly putting on its finest colors. Oh, all right, yours truly and the blonde daughter….birthday glen 027

what was Mizzy Dee Houston doing, but this….


a poll, for any’s sake. Something I would never run. (AHEM). I mean let’s not be silly, everyone knows that a picture regarding firemen and men in kilts should really look like this….


I am being fair here. I know Mizzy Dee thought that it was easy for me on my Kilting the Book Facebook page to flash a few half dressed gents about to win this hands down. (Me?) You will note Gerard is fully clothed, when I could have shown things like this…convAnd I did , after all, show a pic of a fireman in a kilt last time.  conv

Because I have noticed, like On Kilting that you can blether on as much as you like, with this giveaway, or that giveaway, but I once put a pic of my Judas Bride muse up in a traddy kilt and it got more hits in a morning than the page had had that far. Of course we know firemen have their poles and hoses and things…….auther Anne Lange being a great admirer and–I don’t know about a kilting comp but she is having a slavering one over on Nikki’s fabulous blog. Yes.   But kilted gents have things too…


Gerard once again…kind of showing us what… And when it comes to poles…look at the size of these.



and they are famous for giving their pipes a squeeze…


Censored as I am not going to resort to cheap tricks. No. Instead I am just going to…. ‘callm’ myself as I suggested we all do at the start of this post. And bring on Callm, the Black Wolf when it comes to sumexy men in kilts. The man author Emily Guido said could batten her hatches any time…


Oh……and on Friday coming Renea Mason’s lovely of mysterious Scottish origin, Cyril, not just, in a short. No…in a cover reveal…. from her new short  IMPOSTER’S KISS. Lol…all inspired by Cyril’s visit here.


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