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I must say firemen have changed a good deal since Fireman Sam, conv

here pictured with his quite natty hose….conv

Let’s try that again shall we, WordPress…

here pictured with his quite natty hose…Fireman Sam.

His rope…..


and is engine, shiny bright…conv llNot to mention his natty foldaway fire station complete with carrying handle..


(Did I say I don’t do straight promo? Actually I should get a medal, all this work I am doing on behalf of Fireman Sam )

Nowadays firemen appear on blogs with adult content–but this is a blog that has never had adult content as you can see from the above—although I am sure their engines are just as good at driving. What is more they look like this…..

convEnough to be capable of  extinguishers needing to be wielded, especially around any hot blooded lady.

Seriously today is my Great Privilege Day. Firstly to show off a fabulous writing pal and stable-mate’s debut book. Secondly to see what she said in her dedication. Thank you Nikki, I am glad you liked the fiver I sent you and I hope your arm is better now.

So what do we know about Fireman….Dave ? Apart from the fact he’s a hunk and he can apparently put out author Anne Lange’s fire any time?  Captain Dave runs a tight ship at Hillwood Fire Station, expecting the best from his team.

WHOAH though, did I just say this blog is all about firemen? conv ll It’s not.


Yep. Cindy is
Hillwood Fire Station  first female rookie. Just imagine the flack she’s gonna get. Then there’s the business of this thing she has for male fire fighters. Especially ones who are Mr April on the firemen’s calendar. conv ll



Nuff said I’m sure…. She’ll have to try very hard not to let her private life interfere with her new career. (Knowing wink) . Especially when Captain Dave’s job is everything. That’s why he’s still single. No woman could ever understand the utter devotion he has to doing his job –the pet–unless, perhaps, that woman is a fire fighter herself.

So there we have it…. It only remains for me to say congratulations

Nikki to a fabulous author and friend. Oh. and of course….the blurb. By the way you pop over to Antonia’s blog and leave a comment you can enter the giveaway.  http://antoniavanzandt.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/its-all-about-chemistryall-fired-up.html

Fires aren’t all that’s sizzling at Hillwood Station… 

 Cindy always  wanted to be a fire fighter. When she tops the class in the rookie  academy, she takes her first job at the small but busy Hillwood Fire  Station—as their first female firefighter. Some of the crew don’t  appreciate a woman trying to do a man’s job. But when the crew risks  their lives in a series of factory fires, Cindy’s determined to not just keep up, but to excel. 
But the fires aren’t the only thing smoldering at Hillwood. When Cindy comes face-to-face with  the real-life, fireman-calendar pinup, she’s left feeling shaky and  gasping for breath. Their attraction is white-hot, the sex is sizzling,  and there’s no such thing as enough when it comes to their lovemaking.  But things turn nasty when a dark past comes back to haunt Cindy,  jeopardizing her career before it’s even really begun…
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