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Okay, so far in the spooky season we’ve had vampires…..witches….spooky pictures. We’ve had an author whose book is hotter than hell, Nikkii Dee Houston, we’ve had an author whose book is paranormal. We’ve even had some disgusting mouldy cheese and a somewhat irate lady Fury.  We’ve had giveaways…..still on by the way… hoohttps://www.facebook.com/etopiapress

here’s the latest books up for grabsLetAngelsFly_ByNoelleClark-133x200


Both fabulously talented authors who have been interviewed here. But also another horror story from the wonderful Catherine Cavendish.conv_

And as you can see today, it may not be lions and tigers and bears oh my, I do have the author of a suitably mystical tale about a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. I also have one mega patient author, the wonderful Scarlett Dawn who has probably forgotten she wrote the book by now, the backlog of blogs I have been clearing since I got word that His Judas Bride was coming out. No. I am going to resist showing you my fav picture ..Greeting Teeny and say instead here she is, the better late than never Scarlett Dawn. conv

Shey  Scarlett, firstly I am dying to ask about your name, given my love of a certain book. Is it yours?conv

Scarlett. I love that you asked this! It’s the first time someone has! Is Scarlett Dawn my real name? No. Not all of it anyway. I’ll let you guess which one is real!!

Shey. Don’t tempt me  to poll it. Fortunately I am also dying to ask about your book King Hall. The title especially has got me wondering.

Scarlettt. King Hall. Sounds prestigious, right? Well, if it does, then it is because it’s short for King Hall University, a fictional college in the fictional town of Choep, New York.conv

When I started writing this series a few years ago, the name came naturally to me. Right from the start. That might be because Lily, the main female character, starts out sitting in a classroom. The contrast is that she’s in a Sex Education class at the time, a very “normal” course for such a high-status location.

Shey. But of course.  Can you tell us a bit about the story itself —-without giving too much away  of course.-

Scarlett. Okay….  I’ll put it this way…a playoff/add on to each word, definition, and then a sentence.

One word – Differences

Two words – Mysticals, Commoners

Definition – Misbehaving Mysticals, Skittish Commoners

One sentence – It’s the dawn of a new age.


Shey. Good… No spoilers… Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Scarlett. I wrote when I was in my teens. Loved it. Adored it. Cherished it. Life happened, marriage and babies. Loving family. My writing was put on hold. I got a “real” job in accounting. Time passed. I saw the movie Twilight. Found out it was actually a book. Started reading. And reading. More reading.conv

Oh…hello…I wanted to write. It all came back to me. I’ve been writing ever since (still working full-time and my three children are teenagers). My plate is full. I love it.

Shey.  What inspired you on your journey?

Scarlett.  For me, it’s not complicated. Music and my own imagination are my inspiration. That…and a tree. *ahem* Really. I had a fabulous idea for a novel just the other day from passing the most beautiful, lush tree on my way to work. I’m currently writing that one, while line editing book two of The Forever Evermore Series.

Shey. How do you find Escape Publishing?


Scarlett.  Kate Cuthbert, the Managing Editor, at Escape Publishing was doing a blog tour at the time. I read more than one of the blogs. Decided she would be a great fit. I sent my submission off, and here I am!

Shey. Any advice you would give aspiring writers?

Scarlett. Don’t give up. Write what you want to write, what is driving you. Not what is the current trend. Your story will be better for it, and you’ll stay true to yourself. Write for the love of it.

Shey. Pretty sound advice.

Finally…the funnies.. 

Hot or cold?


Long or short?


Thick or thin

Um…thick…what exactly are we talking about here? LMAO!

 Fav Month



First thing that popped into my mind? Bird. Why? I have no clue. I don’t even like them.conv

Scarlett, you crack me up. Dish

Plate? A colorful one, perhaps?


The beach. Yum.


No. Night.conv


Anything by Nalini Singh.


The Host – my new favorite movie


A fresh, meaty, sink-your-teeth-in-and-hold-on-tight new adult fantasy series kicks off with King Hall…

Lily Ruckler is adept at  one thing: survival. Born a Mystical hybrid, her mere existence is forbidden, but her nightmare is only about to start. Fluke,happenstance, and a deep personal loss finds Lily deeply entrenched with those who would destroy her simply for existing — The Mystical Kings. Being named future Queen of the

Shifters shoves Lily into the spotlight, making her one of the most visible Mysticals in the world. But with risk comes a certain solace — her burgeoning

friendships with the other three Rulers: a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. Backed by their faith and trust, Lily begins to relax nto her new life.

Then chaos erupts as the fragile peace between Commoners and Mysticals is broken, and suddenly Lily realises the greatest threat was never from within, and her fear takes on a new name: the Revolution.

Author bio:

Scarlett Dawn is drawn to all things  quirky and off-beat. She believes there are no boundaries for an  imaginative soul. Her love of the written word started from at an early  age, when her grandmother would take her to bookstores every weekend.  Dreams came alive within the books she found there, and now, she is  thrilled to share her stories with others who have fallen under the  spell of taking fantastical journeys.  Scarlett resides in the Midwest  with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

Contact links: