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No, it’s not the fact that Noelle Clark, the talented writer of Where Angels Fly has a past….as a singer and songwriter. http://youtu.be/sBPYMjco5dQ

Go listen if you don’t believe! And it’s not a  bit scary. It’s pretty amazing.

However, this being the spooky season,…..cue scary music..just when you thought it was save to go back on the blog again, I want to show you these. conve

copyright E.M. art.


copyright E.M. art.

The work of  E.M. a young, talented just returned from an internship across the pond, artist and photographer, where she had numerous interesting experiences, including one with er….Jamaican Sorrel–it being October I must do a post on voodoo, I am sure Lady Fury would like that.

Anyway, not only has E.M returned, she is here to talk today about her experiences in New York  and how it was for a Scots lass there. Let the river run indeed, from one shore to another….conv

 without further ado…….it’s E.M.

Shey.  So, E. M. ten words to sum up the kind of girl you are?

E.M. Well, not shy to take a chance and run with it! I’ve always loved art and writing but over the last few years I’ve been discovering the world of photography and have been taking photos ever since.

Shey. You mean you’re not, bold, different, beautiful, etc, etc…

E.M. Errrrrr……

Shey. Ok, so you are also modest?  Uhm…and tongue-tied? But you did go went all the way across the pond to New York at the age of 18, for three months there. Can you tell us why?conv


 E.M.  For the experience. I had just finished school and wanted to take a year out to see different places – go exploring! I sent emails all over, to photographers and companies, in the hope they would see something in my portfolio and decide to take me on. I was lucky to be offered a three month internship with a fashion photographer in New York. I had never been to America before so leapt at the chance.P1180847

photo copyright E.M.

Shey. Way to go!  So are you going to give us the low down?  

E.M. Stressful! Running around Manhattan, getting lost, trying to work out how to use the subway, hauling heavy equipment around the city, sending emails, just using the technology! It took me a while to get into the swing of things but I’ve learnt so much. New York is such a diverse and inspiring place – I was constantly writing, painting, sketching, and taking photos. It was an amazing experience.

Shey.  What did you think of New Yorkers? You being a Newport gal…an as On Tay, Newport gal…

E.M. Helpful. Confident. Very confident… One of the things I loved most about NY was getting to meet so many different people. Just talking to people in shops, on the subway, getting directions… But also the agents, the models, stylists… Everyone involved in the fashion industry – it was a whirlwind of individual styles, personalities and interesting conversation!

Shey.  What was the best thing about the big apple? 

E.M. The pace. Coming from a relatively small, quiet town, I was unprepared for the speed and size of New York. It was so exciting and fast! Even the huge crowds of people, everyone going somewhere… The whole city felt alive.P1180784

copyright E.M.

Shey. So now…drum roll, you are going to show us the best pic you took there, now aren’t you? The best, the most fantastic  site you saw there…..

E.M. Absolutely. This was a site that greeted me almost every day!

felt-717Sometimes I would catch it actually in my room. The squirrels are so friendly because they are always being fed by tourists, although I tried to hide my food – it made such a mess the first time! The room was covered in cornflakes…. and it peed on the sofa…

Shey. And it wasn’t even a  hot hunk!  Though we would hope when it comes to hot hunks and sofas, that is not what they would do on them.  What about a memory?

E.M. The first two weeks I was there I honestly did every typical tourist activity there was which was so much fun. By the end of it I felt like I had been all over New York seeing the sights, museums, galleries and shops. I particularly loved seeing the city from the top of the Empire State Building. Although, I have to say, seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd and Huey Lewis and The News in concert maybe tops that…conv

Shey.  Going back to how it was really, you obviously wanted to pursue photography and you ended up doing fashion shoots, were they how you thought they would be?

E.M. Not at all… I mean, you had the model and photographer, of course. But what I hadn’t realised was how much of the shoot was a collaboration. You had the stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, assistants etc. And everyone had their own ideas; the photographer really just ended up ‘clicking’ somebody else’s creation. That’s an over-simplification, but that’s what turned my head back to art and away from the fashion, commercial side of photography. I want to have exhibitions and to be in control of my work, presenting my ideas as they are in my head. Not working on a two second spread in a monthly magazine.conv

Shey.  So how has that focussed your work now? Is it still what you want to do?

E.M. The whole experience concentrated my creative output. Realising what I didn’t want to do lit up everything that I did. It’s been really refreshing coming back home and immediately getting back to work, still full of ideas from New  York.

Shey  Any fabulous people you met there?

E.M. Lots! I met a man too…

Shey. Well, the kind of blog this is, forget all this fashion $%£ THAT is really what we want to know about! But we will be discreet, merely saying he is also an artist. What’s next for E.M. then?

E.M. I’ve recently finished a first draft of a children’s book that I’ve written and illustrated which has been really exciting. Next stop – publishers… Eek! But really I’m just continuing learning, exploring, contacting galleries, seeing exhibitions, talking to other artists… Anything that I can do this year to promote my work and continue learning about the industry. I can’t seem to stop travelling though – I’m going back to New York for two weeks in November and next year I’m going to apply to art school in Florence, Italy…

Shey. E.M. may I wish you the abso best of with all of that and thank you so much for taking the time to come by and share your experiences.

You can see more of Emily’s work here.




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