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SO today continuing the spooky theme. Hope this pic is vile enough for you all. hall

It’s a little one I had taken earlier…. I am welcoming paranormal author, the fabulous, the talented,  the drum roll please…  Renea Mason aboard, renea

today on–now let me get this right–

October 5 Do Something Nice Day, International Frugal Fun Day AND World Teacher’s Day.  Phew. I must say and this may change by close of play today but  it is interesting that not an Etopian author could  match their book to Do Something Nice Day. My characters don’t do anything nice, so obviously I wasn’t at the races there. But the rest…

Fortunately Katya Armock matched this to  International Frugal Fun Day. ToHissOrToKiss_ByKatyaArmok-453x680

…or not so frugal maybe…It depends on the definition.  While Tara Lain matched Trex or Treat in Halloween Heat IV and heather Sharp matched Purr-fect Love to World Teacher’s Day. Their posts on why will be up later and the three books will be also be  up for grabs here.


SO…Renea, what else can I say about Renea and what will she say…let’s find out

Shey.  Renea, I met you first earlier this year when you introduced yourself as a newbie writer with Etopia Press. Since then Symphony of Light and Winter has been published and you’ve worked endlessly to promote yourself AND others. How’s that been for you? conv

Renea.  Honestly?  It’s been exhausting and rewarding.  The people I’ve connected with have been fabulous.  Seeing people enjoy the characters makes everything worth it.

I also love seeing other authors succeed.  It’s great to know that I can help in some way since so many have helped me.

 Shey.  My gob is actually totally smacked at getting you on here away from your characters, Linden and Cyril.

linden conv

Do they know you’re here alone? What are they off doing today?

Renea. Cyril just finished reminiscing about his time in seventh century ‘Scottland.’  And Linden, she’s learning what it’s like to fill Cyril’s very large shoes.

Shey.  Hmm. More of that in a moment I’m sure. Symphony of  Light and Winter– as a title drew me from the start—how did you come up with it?  conv

Renea It’s actually sort of silly.  I joined a critique site and they required a title.  The title is symbolic of the book but I never really connected with it the way I had hoped.  But after six months of working on the story, I really couldn’t bring myself to call it anything else.

Shey. What???  I guess that ‘s the thing with titles. Renea, I keep seeing this figure …1, so I take it from that and Cyril’s predicament at the end of the book, book 2  is  in the pipeline? How do Linden and Cyril feel about that? We’re not going to have jealous rages are we with these new characters you’ve dreamed up ? Or is it going to be more about them?conv

Renea. Yes, they are left in a rather delicate situation at the end of book two.  I think readers will be surprised at how the story unfolds.  I do cross some lines and hopefully will leave readers a few, “oh, no she didn’t!” moments.  But I think die-hard Cyril and Linden fans will be pleased.

Shey.  Leaving Cyril quickly to the side because I think we may have a visitor….conv

might have known we would…where do you find your inspiration for your stories?

Renea. I really don’t know.  It’s all kind of magical or perhaps something I need to be medicated for.  They just come to me.  I like to daydream about them while driving to and from work each day.

Shey. Lol. Don’t we all. Both things there actually. How we don’t get lifted out the traffic queue, the supermarket queue… 

conv1What about music? Do spill.

Renea. Symphony of Light and Winter was written listening to:

–       Florence + Machine – Ceremonials

–       We are the Fallen

–       Franz Shubert – Death and the Maiden

–       Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

–       Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata http://youtu.be/nT7_IZPHHb0

Those are pretty much the only pieces I listened to throughout the creation of the story.

Shey.  And pure class they are too. conv

All right…what about Cyril? What can you tell me about yourself Cyril? You might as well now you’ve gone and snuck in…..  You adore Renea, that’s it isn’t it, Cyril? This stuff with Linden is just pretence? Or have you come to chew the fat with Callm because you’re both kind of creatures of  legend? Or tell me there’s no words to describe you?

Cyril.. With all due respect Ms. Moore, this author holds no power over me.  It’s with my blessing that she is permitted to scribe my tales.  She knows her place.

Shey. Really? I’m glad about that and you’re so modest.

Cyril. I’ve come to remind her that she has work to do.  She doesn’t have time to be chatting it up or chewing that fat as you put it.  My Linden is in peril and she just left her there while she pretends to be important. 

Shey. Now Cyril, I’m sure she doesn’t really. We authors just like to think so….

Cyril. Your Callm sounds like a fascinating chap.  karrwoll

Perhaps when I have more time, we can share a drink and exchange stories.  Having someone to commiserate with about uncooperative authors would be a delight. 

Shey. I beg your pardon? Renea and I are not uncooperative. We give you nice stories to be in, with very nice women. What more do you want?

Cyril. To answer three more questions, Ms. Moore before I must insist that Ms. Mason get back to her task.  

Shey.  (wiping slavers) You’ve been around a long time, have you been to Scotland before in your backstory? Callm would be interested in that.

Cyril. I’ve been around longer than you can imagine. Modern day Scottland may be a pleasure but traveling the moors by foot was less than desirable. And the kilt.  What is it with women and the kilt? 

Shey. I have no idea.conv

Cyril. The first the author asked when I told her I was in seventh century Scottland was, “Did you wear a kilt?”  Leather.  I wrap my goods in leather.

Shey (fans self) Phew… So you.. er… plan on visiting a few ..ahem…sites then?

Cyril. I go where Linden goes.conv

Shey. Renea here is your fabulous creator, can you tell me about her favorite place and what’s she’s happiest doing?

Cyril.  Her favorite place should be at the computer, coffee in reach and fingers typing away.  In fact it’s where she’s heading now with me.

Renea. Cyril!

Cyril. Ms. Moore, you have been a most gracious host but I’m afraid Ms. Mason must be on her way. 

You see, to answer your other question back there.  No one could ever take Linden’s place.

Renea. Thank you for having me Shehanne….Ahhhhhhh…..

convAnd thank you to all my current and future readers.

Shey. It’s all right. Renea can be found here.

http://www.ReneaMason.com http://www.Facebook.com/ReneaMasonAuthor

http://www.Facebook.com/symphonyoflightandwinter http://www.Pinterest.com/ReneaMason

http://www.goodreads.com/ReneaMason http://www.tumblr.com/blog/reneamasonauthor

https://twitter.com/ReneaMason1 S.ReneaMason@gmail.com


You can enter the Facebook giveaway October 26th is Renea’s Date.


One woman. Seven men. All bound by one man’s undying devotion.

Fundraiser Linden Hill has a knack for reading people. She always knows which conversations will put a prospect at ease, which drink will loosen a patron’s lips—or his wallet, and how cleavage will make a donor sweeten the deal. She’s even foreseen her dateless weekends four hundred and sixty-four times in a row.

But ten years after watching life drain from her former mentor’s and first love’s eyes, her skills for divining the predictable are lost. When Cyril returns, he’s still gorgeous, but this time he’s beyond human, far less dead, and pissed. His lack of memory drives him to desperate acts, and his turbulent re-acquaintance with Linden pulls her into his war with a creature hell-bent on his destruction. His group of six supernatural men share a tantalizing secret, but despite the hunger, it’s love that leads her to sacrifice everything to save him…

    You can buy it here.