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It is I suppose. Firstly His Judas bride is going on tour. And Anything involving Kara and Callm tends to be dangerous. ET_His_Judas_Bride_Banner_copy

But there is a gift card giveaway for a randomly drawn commenter.

October 7: Books on Silver Wings
October 8: http://www.blog.kybunnies.com/his-judas-bride-shehannemoore/
October 9: Books to Light Your Fire
October 10: Farm Girl Books
October 11: WriterAshleyL
October 14: Susana’s Parlour
October 15: Booklover Sue
October 16: Writing Novels That Sell
October 17: The Most Happy Reader
October 18: Queen of the Night Reviews



blogging about the fine and dangerous time I once went trick or treating. And yes, again there’s book prizes.

Thirdly Nancy Cassidy, one of the fabulous editors at Etopia Press–no she didn’t break my arm to say that- -is hosting a Facebook fest.hoo

Actually the idea is pretty amazing. Did you know there were so many days in October? Yes, of course there’s 31, but did you know each one is a world something or other day?  I didn’t. Today is National Custodial Worker Day. (I must be nice to mine, maybe she’ll let me out) October 5th is World Teacher‘s Day. There’s even a Name Your Car Day, Bald and Free Day, a Punk for a Day (Whit? ! No hunk for a day?) day, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway what Nancy’s done is allocate a day to some of Etopia’s best books.




and authors –the fabulous Mz Mason is going to visiting here very shortly by the way….. Other fantastically talented authors include, Jianne Carlo, Ally Shields. Dani Lynn Alexander, Rhonda Laurel, many who have guested here like J.M Stewart, Katya Arnock  and the fabulous Anne Lange. Also the up and coming hotly talented Nikki Dee Houston who sold her manuscript in less than a day!

Nancy then asked these authors to say why their book would fit that day. If you visit Etopia’s facebook page.


you can see the answers –as we reach that day anyway. So far it is only the 2nd but already the fest is under way.  If you leave a  comment and share the post, then you could win that book. Some days have more than one book up for grabs. Every type of book is there too.

Contrary to expectation Fury does not have Mother-in-law Day. She has  October 9th Moldy Cheese Day…..conv

which I imagine she will be shouting about, especially when I reveal why. But come on…I would hardly be given Cookbook Launch Day now would I?

So, I hope you can come along and join the fun of this dangerous season.

Lastly, I have nothing to do with this but  if you do like scary, or write scary, the devilish Mr Emmett, who has also guested here, has  an article in the most amazing FREE online magazine launched by Edward Owen.



and he welcomes submissions… SO don’t be shy. It’s the spooky season after all……….Happy October. The month of mayhem. May you be well scared……conv