I was going to call this post Ewen Macgregor v Gerard Butler, or why do Pinterest keep sending me these pins they think I’ll love? I mean, do I have a picture of Ewen Macgregor anywhere on my A Girl Can Dream Board? No. And there is a very good reason for that. Namely that is because that would not be a dream. That would be a nightmare. Look at the title, it’s called that for a reason.conv

Just because I’m a Scot it doesn’t mean I like everything in  a kilt. But there, knowing how you would kill to read that post, Ewen v Gerard and why I think Gerard is smexy and Ewen is just Sm’ewen, I’m going to keep it for a later date, though I can’t resist a poll, purely for research purposes you understand…. I need this data for that post.

Yes, titles are titles for a reason but I’ve done a post on that, on how some of the best titles in the business are just that because they sum up the book at a glance. So it is always worth taking time over your title, not to mention making sure that title isn’t already out there.

 No, I’ve been busy with the Cover Art and Marketing form for my next book, which meant writing the dreaded blurb…you know who I am going to show here….cryingthat and a conversation with http://babyboomersmusings.wordpress.com/   -surprised to find yourself here Elizabeth? – got me thinking about writing, the whole process by which a book takes shape.  How much of it is imagination? How much is discipline? How much of it the belief you can keep putting the next word down even when you have no idea what that word is going to be? Only that one word leads to another.

I am always nothing short of astonished to see where anything I write is going next. I mean Fury evolved from one scene, a woman walking along a corridor and seeing someone from her past. She’s a widow in need of an heir.  His Judas Bride originally started out as a short with two totally different character types. Callm was done with fighting. Kara was called Rohanne.  A different flash happened on that one and chapter one got torn up for something very different but Callm’s wife  had still been murdered and Kara only wanted her son back.

So,  Loving Lady Lazuli. Well, this was the flash….. cue jingly music






saff 78



And it’s now grown into… le blurb…  

Only one man in England can identify her. Unfortunately he’s living next door.

Ten years ago sixteen year old Sapphire, the greatest jewel thief England has ever known, ruined Lord Devorlane Hawley’s life. Now she’s dead and buried, all the respectable widow, Cassidy Armstrong, wants is the chance to prove who she really is.

 But not only does her new neighbor believe he knows that exactly, he’s hell-bent on revenge.  All he needs is the actual proof.  So when he asks her to choose between being his mistress, or dangling on the end of a rope, only Sapphire can decide…

 What’s left for a woman with nowhere left to go, but to stay exactly where she is?

 And hope, that when it comes to neighbors, Devorlane Hawley won’t prove to be the one from hell.