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Of course friends have benefits. Just look at the lovely things mine have sent me recently. Firstly my new pardner in doodling crime Elyzabeth M. Valey, who visited here recently. Ena doodle….eliz

Of course I rewarded her…….

img151Well,  anyway I tried though I don’t know Elyzabeth will want to be in the doodle club with me now.

Then there were the lovely flowers from my special pal and partner in breaking into classrooms and causing mayhem for the Latin teacher mate, Lora, flowers 001

Then there was this pix from my special friend and wine buddy, Irene.

marion's books 002

So you see friends do have benefits, which is why I am delighted to introduce  the fabulous Anne Lange, an Etopian buddy, who I owe big time. Especially as she and Fury have crossed swords more than once,


although this didn’t deter Anne from sharing her thoughts on the said lady yesterday…polished-alyssaturner-453x680

as part of the trr-2013-fall-into-romance-image001

http://authorannelange.com/2013/09/12/the-fall-into-romance-hop/ if you want to read more. Anne has a giveaway going on of her fabulous book Worth the Risk and there are other prizes on other blogs which are part of the Hop, you just follow on from Anne’s.  I was just knocked sideways to be in such amazing company as Renea, Alyssa and Jennifer, whose books were all on Anne’s fav summer reading list.

Anyway Anne also has a new book coming out. Another hottie, called, yes you’ve guessed it…Friends With Benefits. So it’s my pleasure to have her here today and of course, to be gentle with her, unlike Fury.

Shey.  Anne, first tell us a little about yourself. Once you’ve stopped sobbing into that handkerchief that is.

Anne.  LOL. I’ve got lots to sob about these days too!  Summer is over. My babies are leaving home (well, two of the three) and heading back to school.  And (sob) Flint is taken (sob, sob). Okay, I’ve got it under control now.  Let’s see…I work, I write, I read, I clean the house (oh, sorry, no, I don’t really do that – I make the kids do that so I can write and read).  I’m always on the search for new hotties…to write about!

Shey. Phew…glad you clarified that. You wouldn’t like to get us galz a bad name. Like we go chasing each other’s book hotties, any hottie come to that, now would you?

Anne. Absolutely not. When I’m not working, writing or reading, I love to watch TV.  My favorite shows are Bones, NCIS and Criminal Minds.  You’d think I’d write mysteries or thrillers, but no, I love hot, sexy stories. worththerisk_byannelange-133x200

 Shey. Anne, thank goodness for that. Crime is good as I thought when my friend Lora and I broke into the Latin class. But one needs steam.   What made you want to be a writer?

Anne. For the millions of dollars I could make, of course.     Oops, Sorry, I just fell off my chair. I think I bruised my butt. For all the hot, sexy hero’s I’d meet?    Seriously, reading is my absolute favorite pastime – to the extent of everything else some days (just ask my family when meals didn’t get made or the house didn’t get cleaned).

Shey.(Not looking at herself either) conv

Anne. But about four years ago, I decided to try writing a story.  I played with it for a bit and then showed my hubby.  It turned him. on.

conv  Then I gave it to a friend to read. She thought it was hot.  So, I decided to take some on-line classes, figure out what I needed to know and worked on all the mistakes I’d made in that first draft, and voilà – out popped a story.  But I still had/have sooo much to learn.

 Shey.  What kind of a time has it been for you since Worth the Risk released?

Anne. Busy. Really freakin’ busy.  Promo and marketing takes a hell of a lot of time, doesn’t it!

Shey. Tell me about it.

convThough seriously the upside is some of those you meet. Not being licky okay. But I do know you don’t just promote yourself. You work tirelessly for others too. You could simply have just promoted yourself yesterday but you didn’t.

Anne. (Blushes) Well….. then I had to start actually telling people what I was doing.  Some were shocked. A few already knew, but I don’t think they really thought it would happen.  I get the feeling they were patting me on the head and just going along with me. I’ve done some guest spots and a six-week blog tour, as well as a whole pile of blog hops.  I still actively market Worth the Risk while working on other projects.

Shey. Oh, never mind those it’s okay, the poor dear thinks she’s a writer folks…  So, your new release, Friends with Benefits? Are you able to tell us what these are precisely? Or do you need another hanky, this time to hide behind? I mean do you think Lady Fury Nook-club, oops Book-club, can interview you over this release? conv

Anne. Well, I haven’t known Lady Fury to be shy, so hell yeah, I think she can interview me.  Although, perhaps it will shock her   sensibilities. Hmm…maybe I’ll have to be a bit cryptic. Let’s see, what can I give away  FwB is a ménage, so the benefits for the heroine are two-fold .

Shey. Oh, she’ll interview you no bother, or I will get out the splints. conv10 Can you tell us a little about your characters?

Anne. Once upon a time, there was this man and his wife, Fred and Wilma. And they invited Barney …conv

sorry, wrong story.  (clears throat).    Angela and Tyler are a happily married couple who have been talking about their sexual fantasies.  After Angela confesses a few of hers, Tyler decides to do what he can to fulfil them for her.  So, he enlists the support of his handsome best friend, Connor. (Gosh, you gotta love a man who’s that committed to his wife’s happiness!) Now, obviously, all is not as it seems, for any of them, and over the course of a summer, stuff happens, things unfold, and a few secrets are revealed.

Shey. Do you have anything you can share here Anne, like a …….cover.

Anne.  Ah, nope. Sorry.  But how about this…

Some Friendships Come With Benefits

When your best friend moves to town, you have all kinds of great ideas about how to spend your time together.

Some guys just want to get together, catch up on old times, have a few beers, maybe play some pool.dreamstime_xs_24850371

     But what if you have another idea?

Maybe there’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long while, and now is the perfect opportunity to test your theory.fwb-pic-1

 But while you’re discussing your suggested summer plans with your friend, your wife is waiting at home…and she’s been thinking too.  She has her own plans for the summer.

Hopefully they’ll be in sync with yours.

Shey. I see you’re not sticking despite having no cover and a looming release date…. I also see that under WIPs– now that is work in progress folks ok– friends is part of a series. What’s made you make that move from stand alone because I see you have another series planned, the Legacy Series?

Anne. Ooh, you’ve been roaming my site have you?

Shey. Hon, I was good honest stalking.


Anne. LOL.  Yes, Friends with Benefits is actually the first book in a (currently) four book series.  And I have another series in the works, the Legacy Series which is actually a paranormal, shifter series.  In truth, FwB didn’t start out as a series.  Can I tell you a secret…ssh…you’re the ONLY one who knows this Shey, so you have to promise to keep in just between you and me, okay?  (Anne looks around to make sure nobody is listening) Remember, that first story I mentioned above, well, FwB is that story. It was called something different then, and had a very different ending.  Okay, I sorta totally reworked it entirely, but while I was doing that I developed a piece of the story that made me realize I could turn this into a series.  I do, however, plan to do a mix of both series and stand-alone stories (both full and novella length).

Shey. Ooooh. (whisper)  Can you give us a favorite line from the new book?

Anne. (whisper) How about two… the very first two lines of the book.

“You want me to do, what?”

“I want you to seduce my wife.”

 Shey. ‘Nuff said. You are also a great one for recipes. I actually shared one with you once, well Flint did, are you going to tell us about your favorite dish?

Anne. Did you have to mention Flint? Really? (hiccups, stifled sob).  I love pasta.  And of all the great pasta dishes I’ve had, I would have to say my absolute favorite is probably lasagna.  For me it’s a mix of a great pasta dish as well as a comfort food. Speaking of needing comfort…las 3 las 1 las 2

 Shey. Anne, be strong. You do not need that lasagne. Certainly not all of it…give it back. You want to get into the bridesmaid dress, the nice one I made  Fury choose for you, don’t you? There…that’s better….    You also had a fabulous vacation recently. Do you have a fav moment there to spill?   I mean come on Anne, it was Vegas, did you win anything?  Like a hottie…

Anne.  Shey! Shame on you.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!   Yes, we did have a great vacation, thank you for asking.  It was our 25th wedding anniversary, so we decided to leave the kids at home to fend for themselves and we lazed in the (hot) sun and I, of course, shopped.  I did pick up a couple of new hand bags, a pair of shoes, and some dresses.  Oh, and my husband won $40 at a slot machine in the airport on the way home.las 1

 Shey. Anne are you going to share some more of Friends with Benefits with us?

Anne. Sadly, I have nothing official to share at the moment.  Though I do promise to share the cover with you when it’s available.  What I will say, is that while this is a ménage, it’s not just three people getting together to have sex. It’s not erotica.  It’s much more than that for all three of the main characters, as well as the other characters that are introduced.  This is an erotic romance. It’s a story about three people making decisions that could affect their lives and how society views them as individuals. I really hope readers will be intrigued enough to want to read it and the other stories that follow.  I’m quite excited about them.

Shey That’s it folks. Anne, all the very best on this. It is sure to be fabulous, and you better send me that cover when it’s done. Visit Milady’s Book Club too.

Friends with Benefits releases shortly from Etopia Press.

Find the fabulous Anne Lange here.

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