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bev;s cakess

That’s Baa-Sheep by the way. Baa-sheep is here by way of celebration. Well, he’s sure not here by way of guzzling. faceeeeeeee

That’s Callm by the way , as seen today by the wonderful Sweet and Spicy Tales blog. http://t.co/WVZ4X1vSxu Nothing to do with guzzling or sheep. Just pure Kara enticing…..



        well we know who this is. . Polly. while this, this  iscrying

probably my fav image, as you must have guessed by now. Seriously this is how I was really feeling for the last three weeks.

Why? Well, I guess everyone thinks the hardest part of being a writer is getting that first book accepted. And it is. Then you think it’s getting the second. And it is. Everything is at the time till you’re there That’s the thing about life. But then….then comes the dreaded sub on the third book.

I don’t know how other authors fare with the waiting….comvvvvvv


I prefer to keep quiet about it than let anyone know the amount of nails I’m biting because acceptance isn’t automatic, no matter how many books you have out there.

Then I can alternatively either chee


                          or just sit quietly in the corner about it.conccc

That’s why I opened the email from my editor on Friday in fear and trepidation. Yes, even me too. Come on it’s just my characters that have nothing left to fear. Think they do anyway.

Anyway the wonderful news is that Etopia Press want my jewel thief story. Loving Lady Lazuli. Yes. So the first romance story I ever started but then abandoned after three chapters  will be coming out. Why did I abandon it? Well, I was trying to make it too formulaic and it was killing my two leads, so I put it aside for Kara and the Wolf who actually sold after my second book, Fury.

I guess what I am trying to say that in addition to never giving up, you should not try to write what you can’t read, what isn’t you. What I was doing with these three chapters was fitting together a story where the main conflict was him wanting to believe this wasn’t the woman who had ruined his life and her believing he didn’t have a clue, until one day he discovers the truth.  It made for really twee reading and let’s face it, are people really that stupid? I was yawning my own head off, watching it clatter round the floor with boredom. Sticking six inch pins beneath my fingernails would have been preferable had  I had any six inch pins.  Now from the start both know but the conflict is all about them falling for each other anyway.

It is called Loving Lady Lazuli and I believe I posted an extract last December. Here it is again. Unedited ok, from the very end of chapter one so there may be changes.

   “Why shouldn’t Belle know her? Hic.  We all do. Oh Devorlane, I forgot, there is just so much, so much you just don’t know.  So much we really do need to catch up on—later. But you remember Barwych Hall? The house  s’about a half mile from here?”

That old dump?”

      He remembered it well.  Hall was perhaps an over-generous term. It did not boast above six rooms and had been uninhabited for almost, if not quite, as long as he  remembered.

      She shrugged. “Lady Armstrong lives there.  She’s our neighbor.”


  “Yes. She lives s’lere with some serving girls, Pearl and Ruby, she brought from London. Very, very refined girls. So I’m afraid, we get no gossip. Not even a snifter.  Anyway, why are you so  s’interested in Lady Armstrong? Do you know her?”

     Know her?

    Ten years ago on Christmas Eve, the most stunning, most ethereally beautiful girl he had ever seen, accepted a lift in his coach. She kissed him. Then disappeared into thin air.

   He had never forgotten it. The ice-fire of her lips. Or her. Or the gift she’d somehow slipped into his pocket, while he sprawled there, dazedly thinking if this was heaven, he’d forfeit the rest of his life now.     

     The Wentworth  emeralds.        

     His father needn’t have looked that far after all.

     Now, unless he was completely mistaken, that damned bitch was sitting by the library fire in respectable widow’s weeds, the coral lips parted in pretended conversation with his mother’s fawning ward, Belle.   

Yup I guess the by line will be something like

She is dead and buried, he is the one man who knows she’s not.

Now for the big laugh…… This is the painting I chose to sort of sum her up…….


and this…this is from a photo of  one of me done as a joke-don’t ask…I don’t want to say how many years ago… conv9

As lady lazuli is part of a series I hope there will be more…..