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dorothy and alic

Yes we have seen Dorothy and Alice before. They might not rank as high as Polly Positive or Greeting Teeny but I’m thinking of adopting them as my official weird club badge.  You think I don’t have one? A weird club that is, I mean I just showed you the badge. Well, I do and it is so exclusive, until now I’ve been the only member, which is why today it’s a privilege to stop being lonely. Aw….  To ask along a fellow weird author…Okay I know I am having a lot of authors WRITE now and the good news is there’s still two to go, Anne Lange and Scarlett Dawn before I can get to all these fancy blogging awards.  So…let’s get on with being weird….And refusing to stick to choosing one hottie.

Q. Elyzabeth, I just love your bio, because at last I can say, a kindred spirit. Before I let you join my exclusive weird club, not to mention my doodling one,  why are you defined as weird?conv

 *Grabs a flashlight, turns off the lights and sits in the dark for a few seconds. The silence doesn’t last as Elyzabeth starts humming or outright singing the latest song to pop in her head (currently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnILuPX76sQ  ). Abruptly, she turns on the flashlight. The bright light illuminates her crazy grinning face.

“Do you hear that Shehanne? That is the sound of weird.”

Ahem, so yes, I am prone to manic grinning (especially when excited about a current WIP), singing random songs and doodling (flowers and deformed stars are my specialty). I’m quite shy when meeting people for the first time, but once confidence is established I can blurt out (or do, as the above paragraph bares testimony) the silliest things. I guess, I just don’t do what everyone else does (what fun is there in that, anyway?)

Q. Er….shy, Elyzabeth? All right…… Defo a club member. Okay,  you live in Spain. Can you share a little of your life there. Like how long, why and what’s it like. I mean you have all day don’t you?

Yep, I live in Madrid and I moved here when I was about 6 because of my father’s job. That was over twenty years ago.conv

 Living here is nice–as long as you’re okay with people being generally rude, no one speaking English, having lunch at 3 and dinner at 10pm, no job opportunities (especially now with the crisis) and the excessive summer heat (I don’t like temperatures that go over the 25ºC).

Negatives apart,  Spanish food is great (chorizo, jamón Serrano, tortilla…), once you get to really know people they can be nice, Madrid has one of the best public transportation systems in the world, and it’s the sort of city you can take long walks in or sit in a summer terrace at night and chill.conv

I live in the outskirts of the city, so I have the best of both worlds. In the mornings, I’m at home doing chores, some odd jobs here and there, writing and playing with my dogs. In the afternoon, I commute to the city center (about an hour and a half) and work in a call center.

 Q. Now then, we know you do more than that because you also write. conv

adhadb1mHave you always wanted to write? Or was there something else you wanted to be?

 I’ve always wanted to write. The only other thing I wanted to be since a very young age was a journalist (and though currently unemployed as such, that dream came true last year when I finally got my degree *smiles*) and that includes writing too *g*.

Q. Silly question but I have been asking it a lot lately…Is there a favorite amongst your books? And why?

Aw, that’s a tough question! I can’t really pick one favorite.

 Q I must say I like the sound of Your Mercenary tales, can you tell us a bit about them?


 The Mercenary Tales is a collection of 3 books that revolve around a band of mercenaries in a fictional medieval land. There is adventure, romance, mystery and of course some hot sex. The books can be read as separate installments but I’d recommend reading them in order. The first one is The Mercenary Knight, the second The Mercenary Slave and the third The Lost Mercenary.


 Q Will there be more?

To be honest, I’m not sure. When I started writing The Mercenary knight I did not intend to write the other two books, but along they came. There is a character in The Lost Mercenary for which I had a story in mind but I’m still toying with the idea.

 Q Do you have a favorite hero or heroine in your books?

I like all my heroes and heroines but if I had to pick one right now because someone was threatening me I’d pick Adrian Ormonde from A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood as my hero and Emmeline from The Lost Mercenary as my heroine. They are both resilient characters that have been through a lot and also happen to hold a secret that affects their life immensely.

Q What writers have influenced you?

I don’t think I can point to one particular author. I’ve always enjoyed reading (oh look that was another thing that defined me as weird- while everyone else hated reading I loved it) and I think a lot of books have stayed with me in one way or another. However, if I had to pull three authors out of the top of my head I’d say Raymond E. Feist, J.R..R. Tolkien and Margaret Mitchell.


convQ  Oh a good excuse for a photo. Some big hitters there. What’s next for you?

 My paranormal story Blue Horns is part of the Sinspirationally Yours anthology from Hot Ink Press which is set for release sometime in late October. I’ve also submitted a recent BDSM piece for another anthology and I’m currently doing some research for a regency novel I have in mind.

 And …..Finally…..

Hot or cold? Cold

Black or white? Black

Bruce or Bowie? Bowie

Thick or thin? Thick


Animal, Dog.

Month, December

Day, Saturday

Hottie  I can only pick one? :-O Mmmm… Joe Manganiello? Chris Hemsworth? Jason Momoa? Alexander Skarsgard?  Hugh Jackman?

TLM1MAll he ever wanted was a family and some land for farming. Instead, his  dreams were ripped at the seams by a ruthless king. Choosing to become a  mercenary, Gregorii has roamed the land clinging to a past he thought  long gone—until Emmeline stumbled onto his path. Now, his dreams  resurface and hope re-emerges. The only problem is Emmeline’s defiance.
Emmeline  has a secret. An important secret. A dangerous secret. Few know her  mission. Fewer know her past. When Gregorii turns up in her life, past,  present and future unite and her whole world threatens to crumble.