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What’s the nice pic of the Scottie doing heading off today’s post? Well, on Fury’s blog now there would be ulterior motives where my friend, the lovely, talented Mz Duffy is concerned.conv

Aimee is like me, a Scottish lass, so of course I have to get oot the tartan. Duffy tartan at that. Then of course there’s the biz of how I sometimes mistype her name, so it’s Duggy, not Duffy. So, sorry Aimee couldn’t resist the wee dug.

Seriously it’s no mean feat for a Scot’s lass to get herself out there in the world of romance publishing. A year ago Aimee was just coming up to her first release, nervous about how it would all go. TheMonsterOfFame_Medium-200x300

Now, here she is, proving the answer pretty well. I’ve just read her latest and it is a cracker, but more of that later. Right now it’s time for the drumroll….drum

Let’s just hope when her new heroine is called Shey, there is no confusion…

Shehanne. Aimee, you first came on this blog last October to talk about your first release, Monster of Fame. Now how many is this under the belt?

Aimee. I did! Thank you for having me again. Well, there was The Monster of Fame, then Isle of Sensuality was contracted.


The Beachwalk ladies and mwah did a Christmas anthology in between. My story was called Believe in Me. This April saw the release of Never Say Never, which features another judge from the show The Monster of Fame is set on. convAt the beginning of May Michelle Smart and I released a fairy tale/zombie anthology called Once Upon a Twist (self-published). yfy

That was so fun to write, and not freaky zombie love like some have expected. It’s a typical guy and girl, or Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, fighting against the zombies with their men.

aimeeSinfully Summer was released in June and now What’s a Girl to Do? (Indecent Proposals #1) will be released on 29th August. It’s my first full on erotic romance. Oh and A Week in Milan, another slightly erotic novella featuring Caitlyn from Isle of Sensuality’s sister, Amanda, will be released in December.

Shehanne. Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!  (When the girl sleeps I don’t know because she also works full time.) So, pretty whirlwind?

Aimee. I’m still dizzy!

Shehanne. What do you enjoy most about being an author?

Aimee. The lovely Susan Arden pointed out that most people think writing is an easy ‘hobby’. She was so right when she said the invisible work was a killer. But it’s very addictive. Every good review, every spike in rankings and every discussion started about a story you’ve created is AMAZING. Best feeling in the world.

Shehanne. Yes she is lovely isn’t she? Here she is to prove it and so we can all say hi to her…..conv12

Aimee. The feeling that you’re getting nowhere fast. Some strike it lucky and become overnight bestsellers. It’s a rarity and when I see others succeeding I’m thrilled for them but also go on a bit of a downward spiral, feeling I’m not good enough! Reality is, it’s going to take time, effort and dedication. I can’t give writing up. It’s in my blood now. I can only try to not let myself ride the lows and remember the highs.

Shehanne. Absolutely.  I don’t think it’s as simple as that even for the overnight bestsellers, not if you rake beneath the surface a bit. A lot of it is about building the backlist, building the readership,  and you are certainly doing that. What’s more Sinfully Summer has been shooting up the charts, so get on the high girl! You deserve it, the work you do. Okay so the new release is kind of smexier… Why the change to erotic romance?  Nice cover by the way. conv12

Aimee. The Monster of Fame is the tamest book I have. It’s not that I didn’t want to write sexy (and there is some in there) it’s just I was too embarrassed. But as the market changed and my family seemed to accept the smexy – even in Never Say Never which bordered erotic – I thought why not?

Shehanne Well Aimee, having read your new release yesterday, may I say…glad you overcame the embarrassment.  Of course erotic is a  pretty broad spectrum…and sometimes it can be misunderstood what can readers expect?

Aimee. The erotic spectrum is split into lots of categories. Some people expect dark, tortured and complicated characters. Maybe even a Christian Grey who crosses the line between protector and abuser (the latter is not my take, but based on reviews I’ve read). To me, the best erotic romances have an intense emotional love story at the core. That’s what I strive to write, because without it I’d feel like I was writing outside my limits and the style my readers have come to expect.

The Indecent Proposals trilogy is probably different to most erotic romances out there today. It’s fun, flirty and bursting with sexual tension – the only difference from my other stories is that the smexy times are a little more creative and detailed.blindfold_quote

Shehanne. I er…noticed that yesterday when I read it. Straight off I loved its smarty smexy sassiness.  Can you spill about your hero and heroine….called Shey, I noticed.

Aimee. Would love to! Shey Lopez (yup, pinched your nickname) is a Manhattanite living with her two best friends. Her mother raised her to believe that accidental pregnancies would ruin her life, so Shey’s always remained in control of her relationships – refusing to ever have a one night stand. Until she meets Calvin…

Calvin Jones is an enigma. I won’t spoil it , but he’s been burned bad. The sanctity of marriage is a joke to him. He thinks relationships are stupidity, but can’t ignore the way his libido fires up around Shey.

Their connection forces them to break their own rules, but it’s more than the kinky sex that drives their relationship.

Shehanne.  Like you I need to see an intense love story there, something that’s more than just sex for the sake of it, and it’s one of the reasons I loved your book. Aimee all these books and the whirlwind year it’s been, what is your favorite?

Aimee. Honestly? Sinfully Summer. I have a thing for Ric and though Alexa didn’t do a bloody thing I wanted her to, it made the story fun to write.

Shehanne. Lol. Sounds familiar. Remind me to lend you one of my character mallets.conv12

I have an array, although telling you now not one kept Fury in order, as for the Wolf…   How easy do you find it to think up a new story?

Aimee. I don’t really. I figure out who my characters are, what problems they might face, then start writing. They usually end up in a different place from where I want them to, but that’s fine because it’s where they’re meant to be.

Shehanne.  Okay, so I get to keep the mallets. Your new release is that part of a series, can we look to several more here?

Aimee. It is. I’m writing book 2 just now and the heroine, Georgia, is a bit like Alexa insofar as she never does what I expect! She’s giving me a hard time, but I think I’ve mostly figured her out. Max definitely has his hands full…

Shehanne.  Oh good… Is this move into erotic permanent?

Aimee. Nope. I probably shouldn’t jinx it, but I’ve submitted to Mills & Boon again, the Modern Tempted line. It’s full of humour, flirting and a bit more like Sinfully Summer. Plus I still have two more to write in The Price of Fame Series, which is steamy but not straight erotic romance. I’d love to write both – full time preferably!

Shehanne So what is next in line for Aimee Duffy?

I’ve no idea! I’m so undisciplined. I need to write book 3 in The Price of Fame series, then book 3 in Indecent Proposals Trilogy. After that I have another in TPOF series and have a scrapbook full of ideas to work on – just need to find the time!

Thank you Shey for having me today!

Shehanne. My pleasure. Seriously, folks, I loved this  book and I’m not just saying it cos Aimee’s a mate, writing buddies have an agreement to be honest with one another. You’re not doing yourself any favors otherwise.  It’s sassy, classy, flirty, funny, with emotional depth, a hero and heroine to root for and the sex scenes are really well written.   



The first novella in a thrilling, pulse-racing new erotic romance series, Indecent Proposals. Three best friends, Shey, Eloisa and Georgia take on the most powerful and eligible men of the New York dating scene.

Single Manhattanite Shey Lopez doesn’t do one night stands, or have relationships she can’t control. Especially if giving in to playboy Calvin Jones means losing her heart in the process.
However, Mr Won’t-Take-No-For-An-Answer always gets what he wants and there’s only so many times a girl can resist such an enticing proposal…

Links: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

Sneaky smexy peeky.

‘I suppose you agree with her idiot boyfriend?’ Shey asked the stranger.

His lips twisted up at the corners and a sultry look darkened his eyes. ‘Hell no. I can think of better ways to entertain a lady.’

Her heart rate went crazy.

Mandy gasped, but was saved by the phone ringing. Shey didn’t have the same time to compose herself. She was lost in his gaze and that fiery burn scorching through her body. For the first time since she could remember, Shey couldn’t find her tongue. Those damn eyes messed with her head and she couldn’t break free from their spell if she tried.

He stepped closer and the burn intensified. She was so hot she wanted to rip the dress off and stand in front of an open freezer to cool down. Up close she could see a dark five o’clock shadow on his sculpted jaw. His throat was thick, just like his shoulders. The slightly crooked nose suggested he’d had it broken at some point in his life, but it didn’t deter from his harsh beauty. Shey was awestruck, and so turned on she thought she might come just from looking at him.

‘What’s your name, gorgeous?’ he asked.

The disinterest on his face made it seem like he was flirting out of habit rather than because he wanted to. Even still, there seemed to be a magnetic force between them, crackling in the air and sparking. Those eyes of his had darkened, contradicting his Mr. Cool Man front. No way was Shey going to make this easy for him.

‘Seriously? That the best line you’ve got?’ She forced a laugh, but it came out husky, damn it. ‘Next you’ll call my dad a thief for stealing the stars and putting them in my eyes.’

His brows shot up, but he composed himself in a heartbeat. With a smile, he leaned forward and brushed a kiss over her cheekbone. The spicy smell of him invaded her senses and her skin sizzled with the contact. Her body went hyperactive. Hands trembling, knees weakening and oh yeah, soaked right through her lacy thong. She had to get away from him before she did something crazy, like beg for those soft lips to touch her again.

‘Sweetheart, with you I don’t need any lines.’

Anger boiled through her veins, loosening his hold on her body. She didn’t even know his name and he had her salivating, for Christ’s sake. He was a cocky bastard, so sure he had her right where he wanted her, and the worst thing? He was absolutely right. Next time those lips touched her skin she’d be putty in his long-fingered hands.

‘It’ll take more than arrogance to win me over.’ Shey left the asshole unspoken. ‘I have somewhere to be.’ Without waiting for Mandy to get off the phone or for Mr. Cool to reply, she left the reception.

His voice trailed behind her. ‘I’ll see you soon, gorgeous.’

Yeah, big shot. In your dreams.

Copyright, Aimee Duffy Harper Impulse

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