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‘The name Etive is believed to mean little ugly one from the Gaelic Goddess associated with the loch. A road along Glen Etive makes the head of the loch accessible from Glen Coe. The narrow mouth of the loch results in its most unusual feature, the Falls of Lora.”

‘A short distance down the glen, keep a look out for the remarkable little “bucket bridge” intended to allow brave souls to cross the River Etive. You’d need to want to cross very badly to trust yourself to it…’

All right, so it looked like a path, just like this looked as if it was only for ferrying stones across,bucket

though really, what would be the purpose of taking stones across when there’s nothing on the other side but mountains? It just goes to show you that looks can be deceptive. That path, for example, may have looked a bit mossy…that was because it was a bog. Quite a deep one too.

Here and now, I will say I have never been any good at following paths but I can assure you my friend Lora did not fall in a river last weekend, requiring the services of Sir Galahad, although I did have a slight run in with a Glen Etive bog. Glen Etive is a fascinating place.

For a start it was fascinating to know so many tree trunks were down because the ground is too boggy to support them.

glencoe aug 2013 007It would have been more fascinating had I known in advance, but there. A small bit of Skyfall was filmed along the road. We just fancied a little change from Glencoe itself, although Glencoe being home to my new hero, the Black Wolf, I was delighted to see Dug his dog busily guarding it…

glencoe aug 2013 021

All right so it’s a sort of plastic white one..

The champers toast to the new book was nice too. glencoe aug 2013 029

So paths, book paths– you can well see this post has already meandered—but I did want to show you this nice photo of Glencoe. glencoe aug 2013 020

This one too.

glencoe aug 2013 010Yes, an upturned tree-trunk. I’ve said before I don’t plot. And I don’t follow paths either. What I do is I throw something down on the paper and then I see where it takes me. Just like I did with that path on Saturday. There was a lot of party resistance. Mr Shey got quite shirty. I don’t think he likes my aversion to maps and things. And true enough I did get bogged down. But the important thing was getting myself out.

That is how I have always found writing without any clear idea of the plot, or where it is going next. I will get there. However I have just started writing a new book and for the first time ever I have a plot, so this will be interesting, a sort of write by numbers for me, although I am ready to throw it out the window if it doesn’t work and you can forget any detailed storyboarding. Now, let me give you some pantsers.

Stephen King.

Tess Gerritsen

 E. L. Doctorow

Tonia Kappes (But she does use character worksheets)

Aimee Duffy.

Ellis Vidler.

Tracey Rogers

Shehanne Moore

Anne lange

And now some Plotters.

Aubrey Wynne

Sylvia Plath

J.K. Rowling

Norman Mailer

William Faulkner

Apparently there’s also pantiless…

Pantiless includes

Incy Black

Please feel free to let me know what you are.