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It is what I get for instigating it, in’it? What is it they say about things you love? Let them go and they com back….

This came back several weeks ago now, so bear with me, till I rake my fried brain…Look, I have another three awards to get to yet, it’s been hectic ok? But, Incy Black and Noelle Clark, right are the two who gave me this. Since it is a rule, I am displaying the logo and here’s the link to their fabulously amazing  blogs. http://http://www.noelleclarkauthor.com/


Actually, I do love this award. I set it up while Scotland was having its annual monsoon and since I cussed at the storm gods,  the sun has shone, just like in the picture. I was given the release date for my new book which then came out AND on Friday there, I was gobsmacked to see it on the USA HEA blog. As you can see I’ve also set up a new facebook page…faceboom kilt

…for authors, readers and lovers of Hot-Scot romance.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kilting-the-Book/1400031303553598

So if you are one , or know of any, please feel free to post. It’s what it’s there for.

So a simmer  sun award. Logo and links are there. You then answer the questions and nominate a lucky eight..one for each ray of the sun on the pic. People who bring brightness to your day with their blog, who are inspirational that way.  Did I say it’s also been a blast seeing the answers to these questions all over the place.

Favorite song with summer in the title or the words (give the line) – Mine is Dishwalla‘s Opaline. Summer dies here and so could I somewhere  underneath, where the ground is made of stars and everything unclean.  I love the beat of this song, the slow mystical way it stars and what it leads into.


Favourite book about summer – it might be a children’s book….It might be something more adult. Fury of course went and stole mine, which was a children’s book. So I’m looking at two here.


Yep. Something nicey and smexy and written by…yes she’s is a writing pal but we don’t kid each other about our work, none of us writing buddies do, there’s no point…. a writer I am fast getting to love.

But for many different reasons I also love  


based on a real life Thomson/Bywaters murder case. It starts in the summer and so perfectly snapshots Edwardian, WW1, 1920’s life as well as the heroine’s, and …for its day is quite daring about sex….not the act itself, the emotions of sleeping with a man for the sake of it as opposed to one who floats your boat,  I don’t know how many times I’ve read it. And summer is a huge thread throughout..so yeah.

Favourite hot summer film. Oh here Fury and I have the same taste. I just love Some Like it Hot. Marilyn is so beautiful and the guys so brilliant. tilos

Favourite summer memory. For goodness sake. What twatter thought this up? Is it of a moment or a whole summer? Note to self, really Shehanne you need to get it together better than this. There’s been so many fabulous summers, ones when I was a kid with my mum and dad, ones with friends when I was 16 and we walked miles and berry picked, one with a theatre group when we were turfed out of hotels, one  where I was arrested by red guards in St. Petersburg  at gunpoint …..YES..aged 15,  ones with Mr Shey and with my girls, ones in Tilos that were just brilliant, start to finish. Fabulously nutty  times in Glencoe with our friends, I’d sooner say my worst and that was when I took my eyes off my girls for two seconds on a farm in Denmark and the little sods went off with the farmer to look at piglets without telling me.  But being helpful, the blond did tell him, ‘Our Mummy won’t mind’ -yeah right, when he said they should ask permission.

Favourite summer holiday destination. I love Glencoe but keeping this hot it’s step back in time Tilos. tilos

You know they even have a nightclub in a deserted village there, in the hllls…. Just mind the transport….

What books will be in your suitcase this summer? Books? What are books? My summer has been so hectic, Lol, His Judas Bride was actually in my suitcase, to be copy edited…… I didn’t want it there. I mean I had already rewritten it twice in the space of a month to change the subplot and it ain’t exactly  a short book. Going to Glencoe I am hoping to sink  my teeth into Susan Arden’s newbie. Collared for a Night. tilos

And since I’ve screwed my foot kicking in a loo door the other week, I probably will get time to read it too.

What’s your likely destination this summer?

Well, summer is dwindling but we did go to York and I still got Glencoe before it goes away completely….


What hottie would you most like to be sharing the hot days and long nights with this summer?

Ooh…only one…. No. No. See it’s more than one hot day….And one hot night…so……

smooth 1su1



Okay…now those eight.. Sorry not the men… I said eight didn’t I?That was only 5.  I mean I did already do this..so did Fury so this this is the hard part.

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