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No. I don’t have nothing. And those of you thought I was gonna show you my trade mark Greeting Teeny there, you’ve been mugged. No, talking mugshots, talking posts, I have been slow to introduce Kara, hiding behind the fact I believe the man carries the book in romance.  Look at the pressure I was under from certain ladies pre-release to show bits of Callm. What bits I won’t repeat. this is a polite blog. Ahem. Not looking at anyone here Mz’s Black and lodge

With the exception of the pristine Miss, here spelt correctly, DuFFy, I never heard anyone asking about Kara. Why was I really slow though? Cos Kara is what the same Mz DuFFy calls a ‘despicable’ heroine. That is a heroine you root for because she starts the book with her back against the wall and her fists clenched and squared….. whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

although she’s up to some very questionable things, things that aren’t nice.  Kara is probably worse than that though…. To be any kind of match for Callm, she has to be in terms of a creation. I’ve had some honest fears about whether she would be liked, or she would scupper my book with her horrendous background, what she is–not talking bride here–her ability to connive her way out of a hat at the drop of it, use any situation to her own ends AND as if all that’s not bad enough,   what she plans on doing at the start of the book, is something she doesn’t plan on letting go of either.  Kara would knock Fury into a corner that way,  so you’ve no idea how thrilled I am to see reviews coming in that ‘get’ her and ‘feel every bit of strain of the choices she’s forced to make, the way she has to survive.’

So,  creating a bad gal. What’s to do and what’s to avoid? I did a post on it before, at least I chose some hard to like heroines. But I came across a quote the other day and I guess the same applies to them as to villains and anti-heroes, you have to give them some grain of vulnerability.  karaaaaa

“So much of her life had revolved around fear and shock, little paths of darkness she had managed to find her way along, to places where she’d managed to survive.

It had not broken her. Because the thing she had to care about was always there for her to see. No matter how dark the night.

To tell herself it was all gone, lost at Maisie’s croft door, that would be an act of unparalleled folly. She wasn’t going to, was she?” (copywrite Shehanne Moore. Etopia press.)

Of course you can give them half a wheat field, and you can still loathe them. So I think it’s what you define as vulnerable and how you tie it in with a goal that sits deeply in your own heart, a really high-stakes, all or nothing  goal, a backstory we can sympathize with, although again, you can egg this pudding to such death you might as well hand out invitations to the funeral.

So I think you also need to tie the vulnerability in with flaws that are all too human.

Kara has a great propensity to mess things up that stretches all the way back to her childhood. So for all she may hope that her life will  ‘regain its course and will one day cease its unbearable orbit of a darkened star.’ It’s why she’s in this state in the first place and gets into worse,  which I hope makes her a little entertaining, as well as the kind of handful that piques a man like Callm’s interest from the start.

Also she’s not all bad. No-one is all bad and no-one likes all bad. Some of her logic in not telling Callm the truth is actually quite noble, if a little confused.  Anyway, devil or angel, I have introduced her now. I’ve even made a book trailer to prove it. And no steak or broccoli soup was hurt in the making of it either,.