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Well, what do you think I’m going to say? moon def

A howling…dare I mention the word…wolf? A creature of the dark? An undead shape-shifter extraordinaire?

Nah. The lovely Shaina’s none of the these things…so far as I know anyway. She’s just like the rest of us. shasin

By day juggling hats, at night…an  aspiring urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer. oh come on that is normal isn’t it???  She loves reading, and some of her favorite authors include J. K. Rowling, L. J. Smith, Karen Marie Moning and more recently Cassandra Clare. She also gets super obsessive about TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time.

S.L. as she’s known was kind enough to ask me onto her fabulous full of tips and tons of music stuff blog http://slstacy.wordpress.com/. So I’m thrilled to get the chance to return the compliment, especially as she’s been busy vid making and so have I. I’m especially thrilled having had to break a door down  in an Edinburgh loo last week, to find myself here at all…..But that is another story. This is S.L.’s.

Q  Firstly, you’re a prolific blogger, with Sunday Showdowns, Friday Features, WIp Wednesdays, Music Video Mondays, is there a day you don’t blog?!shain

A.  LOL, in theory, yes, I have a lot of features. I was much more of a prolific blogger during the academic year, when I was procrastinating…lately I haven’t been adhering much to my blogging schedule, although I do try to post at least one or two days a week. Instead this summer I’ve been using the time I normally spent blogging for wrapping up my novel.

 Q. Well…yes… you also have the urge to write and recently I spied… you had been making a book trailer? So, can we take it from  that and what have just said you have more than the urge, you also have the actual a book coming out soon?

 A. I think I have successfully turned my urge to write into actually writing my first novel! Well, technically my second novel, but it’s the first one I have big plans for. Right now that plan is to self-publish. I don’t want to announce an exact date yet, but it will most likely debut in September or October.

Q. Fabulous.  Can you give us the one line pitch? (horrible person eh, just like seeing others suffer as I do myself.)

A. Erm…probably should be able to…if I ever end up pitching to an agent…

Q. The best reply.  Seriously can tell us a little bit about it? Without giving too much away of course? shainA. At its most basic Reborn is about what happens when your past comes creeping back into your life. It’s an urban fantasy/paranormal romance told from the perspective of my protagonist, Siobhan (Shi-vawn) Elliot. Six years ago Siobhan and her friends stumbled upon this supernatural being in the woods who transferred a mysterious power to her.

There’s an extra weird factor because she’s seen his face before, but only in her dreams. Their paths cross again when she’s in college, and she discovers she has an even deeper connection to him than she realized.

 Q. Ok. And I said, Shaina is unconnected with creatures of the night. Hmm… getting worried now. Returning to the trailer…how hard did you find making it? Having made two myself now and mistaken broccoli soup for mushy peas and….well…I won’t talk about the unadulterated by mistake version of my latest, the one I did not put on You Tube… shain

 A. I think because I anticipated it to be super hard to make, bordering on impossible…when I finally dove into making it, I realized it wasn’t so bad. I mean, it will take some more time to tweak it and improve it, but the basics are pretty easy to pick up. The hardest parts were finding pictures that reminded me of my characters and syncing it with the song.

 Q. Yes. that is hard. Can take hours. Lol, I started to feel like a casting director..the ‘heroines’ I discarded…boar  You know I’ve seen your  trailer and it’s ace.  So ace here it is ..go on sneaky peeky you know you want to…

What were your inspirations when it came to writing this book? I see that music seems to play a big part with you. Lol…just thinking of that line from Dracula about the children of the night and the music they make!

 A. Music is one of my major inspirations for my writing. I listened to a lot of Ellie Goulding (whose song “Don’t Say A Word” plays in the background of the book trailer), a lot of Placebo, HIM…and, this is a strange one, but I listened to the Labyrinth soundtrack while writing it, too. (If anyone reading this doesn’t know, Labyrinth is an 80s cult/fantasy movie starring David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King.

shainNow go watch it. Immediately.) Reborn was never fanfiction, but I guess it was inspired by Labyrinth in a way – like what would happen if Sarah crossed paths with Jareth, this fantastic figure from her childhood, again? By the way, thanks for letting me blabber on about my book on your blog… 🙂

 Q It sounds like it has been a journey with it being renamed. Why did you choose to change the title?

A. The original title was The Fallen, because it’s about Siobhan’s falling for this dark, mysterious man. But after I tweaked the mythology in the book, Reborn as a title began to make a lot more sense – and I thought it was kind of catchy.

Q. It is. Both fabulous titles though.  Can we look forward to this release soon?

 A. Early fall? I hope. :)!!

 Q. Hmm.. (need to chase this book along. Sounds good) S.L., it’s been great having you here today. It’s a pleasure to see another blogger here who gives as  much back as you do. I can’t wait to read your book and wish you all the very best with it too. Before you go, you got to answer the sillies… Telling you now, with following your blog, I can guess at some of them in advance..

Hot or cold?shain

“You’re yes, then you’re no…” haha, reminds me of the Katy Perry song.!

Night or day?

I guess I’d have to say night, because that’s when I do most of my writing.

Bowie or Bruce? (silly question )

Bowie, always.


Flower?  – Iris

Book character? –

My current favorite book character is Magnus Bane because I’m in the midst of reading Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series – he’s this awesome, flamboyant warlock. Most of my all-time favorite book characters come from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series (as if you didn’t know who wrote those!) – probably Snape and Dumbledore are tied.


So many, from so many different genres…You’ve Got Mail and Stardust are two I can watch over and over again.