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Oh, let me be perfectly honest here, having rolled in from the anniversary meal and seen the immortal words in my inbox. His Judas Bride. Cover. my first thought, well as Mr Shey well knows my silence is not always golden. Indeed when I am bereft of words, it is best to find somewhere. Anywhere. Break a leg in the  airing cupboard even, scaling guitars, theatre costumes, window poles, boxes…boxes upon boxes of games and books–and clothes, quilts,  stacked all the way to the ceiling- here else would you keep these things? And not just scaling. Burrowing into the wall, the sloping roof if needbe.

Yes, silence is to be avoided at all costs. But there by the next evening and a little get together with the daughters and their young men and I felt able….. why not, a year ago I didn’t have a single book out, to pose with this… .

lau 001

Yes…that was the start of the evening, we will steer clear of the end where  some ancient acting vids were not only on view but the galz and their partners thought the onscreen action should have been in hottest onscreen….kisses….

Instead I will finally reveal….sans decking myself re how little Scotsmen wear given our somewhat intemperate climate….


Indeed how gorgeously sunny Scotland looks. Actually the delectable Miss…DuFFy and I both agree, the  Scottish tourist board should think about taking these covers on board. His Judas Bride is set in several inches if not feet,  of snow, grit and grime because there I was being all arty in terms of wanting an accurate depiction of Scotland….  I’m hoping I won’t get done for trade’s description,  although Callm is certainly sounding it out there for Scottish men.

I have to say, after initial reservations I am getting to like this cover. It’s a US market cover. Even down to the spelling of the word whisky/whiskey —-and unravelling Ince! -I am with an across the pond publishing house.(Kind of now can’t spell certain words to save myself but hey)

It’s been an amazing year really and truly, two books out in the space of four months has been kind of whirlwind and dreams come true. It’s especially so on this book, given it’s dark in terms of backstory. And I’m thrilled to say my third has been requested.More normal blogging service will be resumed shortly!!