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No. I am going to resist the temptation to blog the place we had the misfortune to spend one night in in York there, which sort of prompted a reworking of that song. you know the nice one from Les Miserables sung by a certain couple….conv


But that line about Hell, from my new book did come to mind. Of course I probably shouldn’t have been skiving off to York, looking at all its famous bars….

york8989898 003

Oops sorry, of course I meant ye noble, ancient and ye right way up…


leaving poor Noelle Clark to hold the fort for me here, so she’s no doubt ended looking as I did a fortnight ago…crying Noelle has been introducing the boys for me. That’s the

Anyway I’m sure now Noelle’s introduced a few of the ‘boys’, and she’s got story teasers in the shape of letters, she won’t mind me showing some of them here…. and their letters. Oh bear with me will you, I have the galleys to proof……. Why did I choose to set this one in Scotland? I wanted to do something different.

So…….exhibit one…….


Exhibit two…..Murdies…. Meet the Murdies………

grunge 23

For some strange reason Snosh and Eck already have a fan club…

grungey 3

Exhibit four.

 snosh lettSure Google can translate… In case they can’t Wee Murdie is probably easier to understand.

burning paper 2 meet the murdies

Of course while Noelle has more cards than these, there’s one member of the Brotherhood she doesn’t have. The other day I showed you horse, dog, man, here’s daughter…… fallon

Eight words, seven of them swear ones….I have to say this girl, now grown up,  is very special to me!!  his j