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Having blogs sitting in a queue here, I was not going to blog this today. But since Fury, clearly in a fit of pique and in response to my posted pic….. scotto

then posted pictures of what she regarded as a hottie scottie….

convYes…. So…what am I meant to do in addition to acknowledging  that the answer to my question what makes the Scottie hottie  is not the sight of a lady dog in a tasty red jacket, a male dog either…but set the record straight?

Also the lovely Noelle Clark, my fabulously kind and generous  Aussie friend and stablemate, the author of Let Angels Fly, is not just doing the reveals of the Brotherhood of Wolves….now…tasteful reveals…over at her blog, she is doing an amazing giveaway.  Yes. Every person who leaves a comment on every post about the Brotherhood of the Wolves between now and release day on August 2nd, over on her blog will have their name put in a hat and she will draw three lucky winners who will each get a $10 Amazon Gift Card


So, what I’m doing here is this……


if you’re now thinking what the hell kind of book is this. she’s got coming out, having shown you these gentlemen… grunge

then I have your attention… Draw up a chair. Sit down while I show you…


Horse….. Satan. Only missing the animal skulls threading the mane.

dugDog….Dug. you know someone asked me  on Pinterest the other day was it dog or wolf…..?

who knows…


What’s hot about the Scot? Well, if the fact he’s the Black Wolf of Lochalpin and the fact he oozes smex the way a berry does juice, isn’t enough, he’s a guy who knows what it is to lose…really lose. So, all that smex appeal is something he keeps to himself, along with his heart.  At least he tries to, till Kara comes along.

The trouble is she’s wholly destined for his brother.

The trouble is she’s the daughter of the man whose clan didn’t just give false name to power, they raped and murdered the Wolf’s wife.

The trouble is Kara has reasons why she doesn’t intend to  love, honor, or obey anyone……


love most