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No, you’re okay. You are in the right place. I just did some revamping here and on my website. I mean what else was I doing? Lady Fury was going off on another book tour….. writer

which was…..


I had invited the lovely author, J.M.Stewart to appear on this blog post and she not only agreed, she sent me the post–also…


My edits on my present WIP were back on track which was even more… conv

The lovely Incy Black gave ME a Summer Sun Award, which was so


I danced just like Gene. So then on this run of good luck I opens my inbox at some God forsaken time in the morning and there’s an email saying His Judas Bride is coming out on August 2nd. conv

Not, that is the right picture. Here it is again, just to make sure conv

But bigger. And kind of more like ….

cryingYes. Greeting Teenie.. Shades of wahhhhhh.

So then there was ..


So there could be…..




and it was


in the morning before I knew it. But just think of all these fabulous posts to come–from J.M certainly, but also from the lovely S.L.Stacy, while I introduce you …no, not to the hottie Scottie, behave, to the Wolves.   That is, as in the brotherhood of Wolves….

grungesome of them anyway.  Of course it takes more than that to guard Lochalpin Glen and keep it safe from dangerous intruders.  The Brotherhood are a sort of glen bandits type of bunch, living….

convoh, no prizes for guessing…Glencoe, although it is called Lochalpin. What is the book about?   Well, just how far you would go to get the thing you want most. I am ending this blog on the ….sort of …blurb…. Normal service will be resumed next post….

To love…  honour…  and betray…

To save her son, there is nothing she won’t do. 

Dire circumstances force Kara McGurkie to forget she’s a woman. Dire circumstances force her to swear to love and honor, to help destroy a clan in order to get back the life she lost.  But when dire circumstances force her to seduce her fiancé’s brother on the eve of the wedding, will the dark secrets she holds and the things she wants most, be enough to save her and them, from his powerful allure, especially when she knows he may just be playing with her.

To save his people, neither will he. 

Callm McDunnagh, the Black Wolf of Lochalpin, ruthlessly guards heart and glen from dangerous intruders. But from the moment he first sees Kara he knows he must possess her, even though he also knows that surrendering to his desire may prove the most dangerous risk of all.

Now no problem becomes big problem as passion and desire rage out of control. Kara must look into the soul she thought she sold to make a choice. But can she look deep enough? Only she can decide who and what passion can save, or destroy, how when and who will finally learn the truth of the words… Till death do us part.

You can see more at my smexy revamped website