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What seconds? Well, these ones in books, who are  much easier to deal with than the sticky, moaning, groaning, whinging,  needing bribed with swimming pools and promises of hot partners, main characters. These ones who plainly never read that heart-breaking post by Aimee Duffy, the one that led this off, https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/return-of-the-dreaded-chair/7-Electric-Chairs-7

Or they would see they are lucky to get in any book, for us to sit in any at all–even the one above- and thank the lord god of writing for knowing us.

Anyway, not expecting all these caring, generous, wonderfully, docile authors to do something I would not do myself, I ‘ve… er brought along my own chair.                           conv

As we head along towards tomorrow’s concluding post from Charley Descoteaux, who is also bringing along a ‘second’ from her forthcoming release, I am here today with the lovely Susan from the Unraveling of Lady Fury —-

Susan : Before you even start Shehanne, I’ve seen the photographs and all the stuff you wrote about me being old enough to be Flint’s mother. Fury’s too. Dumpy and frumpy. conv

The answer is no. You can just put that rolling pin away. Everyone knows if you have a rolling pin, it’s got nothing to do with your cakes. The ones you get your pal Ross to photo-shop. Bad enough you never  let me be the heroine, but you want me to look like some frump-dump. in an apron and mob cap. Why can’t I look like this?


Shehanne : (aside) Oh God, another tiresome one who wants to be a blonde with boobs. Very well, because generally speaking, maids in Genoa didn’t look much like this in 1820. All that housework, in these boots. Susan, just think will you, what it will do to your feet.  How thisconv

will go to this.


What’s more if you looked like that blonde above, do you really think Fury would employ you?

Susan: No. But Flint might.

Shehanne : Susan, how shocking, how rebellious is this when only the other day Susan Arden asked me if Fury was taking the lovely Susan on blog tour with her?

Susan : With her as in ‘ rich, full, and quite amazing.’ These leads always are. ‘Such a strong character, at times, I was fearful for Susan, her companion.’ 

Shehanne : Oh Susan, don’t be silly. Look at the next line will you? ‘but then realised Susan had the upper hand in many situations.’  Now doesn’t that make you feel empowered as a secondary character?


As integral to the story as hero and heroine? All the way through you see so much she doesn’t. What’s more, there’s a scene thrown in here, I don’t want to say too much about, but in that scene you are the heroine.

Susan : You mean I get Flint?

Shehanne : Well, it sort of depends on what we mean by get. But yes. yes you do. And do  you have any idea of the things you get up to with the feather duster?

Susan : Me?

Shehanne : Absolutely…………..



 It only remains for me to say plenty crockery was damaged in the course of this book. Blurb and all in Books Tab.

Tomorrow we round off with the lovely Charley Descoteaux.