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Gosh what excitement. I had no idea. talk about characters doing what they like. But yes, it’s official apparently.  Flint proposed to Fury right here, http://www.aimeeduffy.co.uk/2013/06/today-i-have-pulled-on-my-big-girl.html
It must have been something to do with Aimee being here yesterday to talk about her struggle to what I am sure will be huge success for her, with her new release.
Aimee was of course paving the way for our first guest in a hot seat week. You know the one where the characters decide they really don’t want to be in your book? Where we cue the scary music and talk in faux accents? That guest is Noelle Clark, Australian author of Where Angels Fly. Yes. We kept certain bits of this well under wraps……..
Anyway she is here today having just seen the chair
and so of course is her lovely …er….can’t wait to be in your book Abbie. So, let’s take it away. (No. Not the chair Noelle, put that down and sit in it)
Abbie ….. Let Angels Fly. Noelle I am so thrilled you’ve even included me in the title here. Young, beautiful, blond, the perfect person, the perfect life.
Noelle………..Well, to tell the truth, Abbie, you are NO angel. You don’t even look like one. Heck – you’re practically middle aged! And the only flying you do is off the handle when you get angry. Then you lose it and start bawling like a babe. No, you are definitely NOT an angel. The angel in the title refers to the Beng Melea Angel – an ancient stone statue at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
Abbie.. You mean….you mean  I’m not young? I’m not beautiful? *sobs* Am I even blonde?
Noelle… Well, you’re not exactly old either. Look Abbie, you don’t have to be young to find love. You have to be a nice person, someone who attracts a person who likes what they see in you. They don’t care if you have saggy boobs, or if you colour your hair to hide the greys. When someone falls in love with your, age is not important.
Abbie …And my husband ran off with a young thing? Why is this?IS she blonde?
Noelle….Um. In a word – yes. But some men are just a-holes when they get to a certain age. When they look at themselves in the mirror, they don’t see the bushy ear and nose hair, the balding head, the man-boobs, and the beer gut. They think they are 25 again and go chasing stupid young bimbo’s.
Abbie …Amn’t I half way decent in bed or something? Is that it?
Noelle….Difficult for me to say, but from what I had you doing, you were QUITE good. Heck, Craig even said so after that first time. Remember? And he doesn’t think foreplay is burping, then leaning over and leering at you, saying “Well, how ’bout it love? Want some hanky panky tonight?” On the contrary Abbie, I’d say you satisfied Craig in many, many ways in bed.
Abbie.. Cambodia? I have a morbid fear of flying and aren’t there insects and things there? I don’t like them. As for temples what do you think I am? Holier than thou?Hard++Heavy+Sting+Unreleased+cdcover
Noelle.. Gawd, you’re such a whimp sometimes. *exasperated*. I happen to know first-hand that back in Australia, where you come from, we have cockroaches the size of cars; mosquitoes that carry you away; spiders, snakes, scorpions – you name it. But no, you had to turn to water when you saw the hairy little spiders in Spider Town.  Check out this photo. Does that look scary?  Mmm, looks deeeeelicious to me.spi
Abbie… Oh get that thing away from me. I can’t look. The only dish I would consider is Craig. He’s not and I completely refuse to do this.
Noelle…I get heart palpitations just thinking about Craig. He’s over 6 foot tall, tanned, lean, muscled, his hair is beginning to recede, but he still has some. He’s gorgeous!! He’s also kind, generous, gentle, funny. Yes, he’s a dish!
Abbie… So really I am a sort of angel?
Noelle … Aw Abbie. Yes, you are. *sigh* You’re cute, funny, kind. You care about other people and try really hard not to hurt anyone’s feelings. You make friends easily, you ain’t bad looking … and Craig adores you. You are definitely his angel.
Abbie Oh…All right then Noelle. Take that spider off my tee shirt and I will do it.
…………………………There we have it folks. The week’s first. It only remains to say no spiders and no characters were hurt during this interview. Tomorrow’s happy guest is HORROR writer Steve Emmett. And of course to thank Noellle for joining in me to help both Aimee Duffy and Charley Descoteaux celebrate their new forthcoming releases. And here is Noelle’s fabulous book.

Life’s full of surprises the second time around.
Arriving in Cambodia to volunteer at an orphanage, Abbie finds a warm welcome with the owner of her hotel, the handsome Craig Nelson. Craig is everything her ex-husband wasn’t—warm, compassionate, and a generous humanitarian dedicated to helping the local people. But after raising a family and being devastated by the end of her bad marriage, the last thing Abbie needs is complications. She’s on her own for the first time in many years, and it’s time for her to spread her wings and fly free amid the people and culture that have always fascinated her.
But while exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Abbie overhears odd noises and sinister conversation that raise her hackles. Turning to the only person she thinks may be able to help—Craig—she realizes she’s witnessed tomb raiders—art thieves stealing frescoes to sell on the black market. Unable to let the pillaging of the beloved temple continue, Abbie goes back to investigate and finds evidence that proves her theory. And in the mean time, she finds herself falling for Craig.
Yet change isn’t easy for either of them. Both carry scars, and neither is ready to let go of the past. When Abbie is attacked in the market place, it’s clear her presence in the temple wasn’t overlooked. When Abbie agrees to help the police stage a sting operation to catch the thieves, things go from bad to worse. And Craig might be powerless to help…
She can be found…minus killer tarantulas here.
Noelle Clark
“Let Angels Fly” out now on Etopia Press and via Amazon