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Ok,   gotta say one of the nicest things about writing, is some of the fab new folks you get to know, in addition to the fab ones you’ve known for yoinks already. Noelle Clark did such an amazing thing for me this week, reviewing Lady Fury on her blog,


I was so touched–I am anyway, but it was more than usual– what can I do but return the favour, by blogging some Aussi screen hunks—-Noelle being a Brisbane lady.

heathOkay, so maybe I’m not going to blog all Aussie hunks.  You will understand with all these screen hunks about, a little Aussi/Scots collaboration is more in order, just to show off some of the very, naturally talented actors to grace our multiplexes from Australia  and Scotland where I belong . So here we go, no order- there never is here either–and the roles I love them best in.

                                       Mel Gibsonmel2

I have taught whole lessons on Mel’s contribution to the film world. Nothing wrong with that but these were piano lessons. Meant to be anyway. Of course Mel isn’t a true Aussi, but let’s cut the guy some slack. We can’t all be perfect. Okay, so the attempt to model the latest in Dulux paint spray didn’t quite come off. But there’s Mel an honorary Aussi playing a heroic Scot. SO obviously I have to choose Braveheart, though it’s still a hard choice between that, What Women Want and Forever Young.

         Gerard Butler

gen 8

Sorry, Fury’s picture of him, not mine. Saves on the upload–look, editing at the mo, be thankful to get an ogle at all. Such a waste to the world it would have been had his partying antics not led to him being fired from that law firm. Adore him in 300 and PS I Love You.

         Heath Ledger


No. Sorry You got two pics of Mel. You’ll just have to make do with the same one of Heath. A huge, untimely loss to the film world.  I first clocked him in Monster’s Ball. Adored him in Casanova, but liked him best as Ned Kelly. Yes an Aussi outlaw!

  Ewan McGregor

ew m

Straight off, going to say, I don’t regard Ewan as a screen hunk. Sorry. But hey, he was born up the road in Perth and brought up in Crieff. Crieff? He is probably descended from Rob Roy!  And he did make a film called The Men Who Stare At Goats, while I have been said to dance with them. Anyway.  Brassed Off and The Island.

                  Hugh Jackman


Jackman plays the piano…I like that. In Shooting Wolverine his co-stars had to wear platform shoes to make him look smaller. I like that too. Jackman is one hell of a versatile actor so choosing a fav is difficult. Despite the fact I didn’t like the film–it was too all over the place–give me him in Australia any day. (Ahem)

Sean Connery


S’where to sh-tart about Sh-ir Sh-ean? Big Tam from Edinburgh is  a legend and an institution, despite starting out onstage in South Pacific. he could also have been a model, or a footballer. Er  a hard man too. So no-one needs telling. Sorry my fav of him isn’t Bond, it’s as Indiana Jones’s dad in the Last Crusade.

Russell Crowerus

Oh go on, you know you want to tell me he’s from New Zealand, but like Mel, he’s as good as Aussi. Russ is a bit like Ewan for me but I got to say, in Gladiator, what a guy.  Controversial? So? he’s also pretty generous with his dosh to charity.

  Errol Flynn


Putting the Aussies ahead here but what the hell! In 1940 he was voted fourth  most popular star in Hollywood so I can’t ignore the Tasmanian born star can I? What’s more he shot to overnight fame playing a pirate…. Captain Blood.  While it’s a sort of fav of mine, you’ve got to give marks for the green tights, natty olde English hat,  and that wonderful ‘Welcome to Sherwood Forest my lady,’ line  in the Adventures of Robin Hood.

                                  Anthony La Paglia


Not  seen near enough on the big screen these days but who can forget some of his early appearances where you just knew he had something? So I Married an Axe Murderer? Lantana? Just love how his current accent is neither distinctly Aussie or American.

                 Eric Bana                                 troy

Can’t leave Eric out, even if the scales have totally tipped away from us Scots. Gorgeous in Troy and Munich. My fav is probably Troy , I just have to ask, where do you Aussie ‘sget them! And he’s so charitable too. Not that I’m thinking of the charitable causes.

And finally three screen galz.  Not gonna be sexist after all! it’s the talent that counts.   Anyway, depends on your preference

      Moira Shearermoi

The Red Shoes anyone? Global fame for a Dunfermline girl.

       Nicole Kidmannicole-kidman-vogue-24apr13-pa-b

          Another flame haired lass.  Cold Mountain and The Others are my favs of hers.

                                         Cate Blanchettekate

Hard to believe the star of Elizabeth where she’s so-oh English is Australian, but there we go. My fav…Notes On a Scandal. Oops, looks like we get outweighed again but hey! Oh I can think of one Scots actress here but her accent gets so much on my nose……how about no?

Need I say folks, I think between us the Aussies and the Scots have some pretty heavy artillery though.

Any favorite films of yours? It’s what comments box is for?