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Straight upfront, I have already received this award, but when another blogger is kind enough–desperate rather– to think of me, and I am desperate, edits, edits, I am going to follow through. Films have sequels,. Why not blogs? Do the things that are required of a recipient. That is firstly to give the link back to their site.


A very nice site by the way, with lots of writing tips.  Then I am going to redisplay the badge so the bloggers I nominate can copy it from here and put it on their blogs.


Then I’m going to get on with giving you the wonderful news that Fury is on the cover of Tatler.


Oh come on.  It ‘s her frock and everything.  Where is she now? Well the answer is pretty bleeding obvious in’it? She is at Ravenhurst, where she fights for 99 percent of the book to be. That is why she is even saying  AT LAST.

So, where were we,  apart from wondering what kind of blog she will write on this at Furious Unravelings?

Inspiring blogger award? Well the next thing is to tell seven things about yourself. I have done that so instead of reboring you all,  I am going to talk briefly–ain’t you glad- -of seven times I was inspired to do something.

1 Frequently in trouble in school, I was inspired to write sets of I will….and I will not, lines out in advance,  to hand straight over when slapped with them.

2 Still in school, I was inspired by the boredom of certain classes to spend a lot of time outwith the gates, and by the chaos of others, not to miss a lesson, even if it meant sneaking back in again.

3  Having been caught along with the other librarians, running a boozing den while working part time there, I was inspired to ask the vice principal of the college what he thought he was doing there.

4  I was next  inspired, having got the sack, to find another part time job.


5 Opening the door to some police officers, after someone dumped a pile of rubbish–half a garden in fact–over an adjoining fence,  I was inspired to tell them that Mr Shey didn’t know anything about it.

 6  Regarding Mr Shey,  I was also inspired, to deck a woman at a Dundee taxi rank, after she attempted a hi-jack which, because of his job, he found difficulty preventing, at 3 am in the morning.

7 On stage one evening, I was inspired, along with five others, I was inspired to invent an entire scene of Charlie’s Aunt, after  someone forgot to come on.


There now, I come to the next bit. The blog nominations. I am going to go for ones I didn’t ask before, so please nobody hit me!!! I might belt you back.












Lastly….but not least, I am going to nominate Fury cos I don’t know about being inspiring she will go tits about someone wearing her frock.