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I mean I am doing nothing else…..WRITE? When I am in the middle of first round edits on my new book. The removal of a subplot–a mere bagatelle NOT–because Madame (that is Fury) got out there first with a sort of similar subplot. Why not just add to my pain and suffering and give her her own blog while I am about it?  My editor knows I have nothing better to do…ahem.

Seriously, did I really say ten thing I loved about Aimee Duffy?  I meant eleven. She sent me this– keep-calm-when-you-meet-fury

because of course she did herself.  Aye.  Right.  So many people have lately, it’s determined me to give Fury  her own blog, where she can show pictures of Italian organ grinders,  dish out advice on her bedroom rules and fight with Flint to her heart’s content. Invited guests too.

She might get jealous of my new baby. The book that is. I said that once on Facebook and promptly had the blonde asking if she had a new brother or sister she didn’t know about. A great shock to all concerned. Me and Mr Shey most of all.

No. Fury and the Black Wolf would be a bad combo.  I doubt very much they would know what to make of the other. And we don’t want rammies.

Anyway, you can see how hard it has been to get hold of her on her Where Am I Not World tour.

Chevet gen 10

Leading me to see how knowledgeable you are about Caribbean islands by asking which one this is, Fury had a bit of a rammy with a floozie on?mar

because she did have the neck the other day to come up with this one.constantinei-450

The nearest I have come to getting my hands on her all week. Anyway now I have shown you these to help her cut the ribbon on her blog, I can announce she has a giveaway. An ecopy of the Unraveling of Lady Fury which you can read on your laptop, PC, or upload to your kindle.

All you have to do is pop over visit her and she will tell you the rest. It’s at http://furiousunravelings.wordpress.com/in-the-beginning/

Cue fanfare on the ribbon, good luck and may you come back in one piece……

red ribbon