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Well, she doesn’t mind I sometimes type Duggy, not Duffy.  And I show cute pics of ’em, too.

puppoes Duggies.

She’s Scots.

Fabulously talented.

Likes shoes.


She lets me on her blog.  Or rather she let Fury with another of her postcards and a silly pic of Ann Bonny in stripy stockings.

She let Fury on her blog.

She let Fury on her blog.

Why am I saying that three times? Because…

She survived the encounter.


Seriously, Aimee made the mistake of casting her eyes over Flint, never a good thing to do with Fury around.  Which is why I have dragged the poor girl over here today to recover.  Should you desire,  you can read Fury’s blog on Lady Pirates here. It was all fine till the comments section…….where plainly Fury needed a gag.


Despite everything, and the fact Fury won’t get anywhere again, Aimee is going to talk about a subject dear to my heart. Films. Her heroine of her own new book–a fabulous story by the way, I am in the middle of as we speak–worked in the film industry. Did I mention that Aimee’s books always have media backgrounds, music, film? Well they do. So no more preamble…here is the lady herself.

AIMEE DUFFY…First up, huge thanks to the very talented author of my favourite historical ever, Shehanne Moore, for having me here today. I adored The Unraveling of Lady Fury (how could I not?), the book is fantastic. (ShehanneI never twisted her arm honest….)

So, I’ve been told my books are like watching movies (more particularly chick flicks) and decided okay, let’s natter about my favourites. Though I warn you, they aren’t all A Wonderful Life. Nope, my favourite love stories are a bit…well…I’ll let you decide.

10 Things I Hate About You

Why? Because you don’t get one love story, you get two. The pretty airhead and the geek (who I was rooting for all the way) then the more interesting paring, Kat & Patrick, who, by the way, I crushed over.


Still do a little.

So, you have two hot heads, both with tortured pasts and he only agrees to date her for cash because of a scheme the geek construes to date Kat’s sister, Bianca. But when Patrick falls, he falls hard. Pity he breaks Kat’s heart along the way, but he mends it up well. I’ll admit it, I shamelessly watch this over and over.

                   How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

 Isn’t the why obvious? No?


*Happy sigh* (Shehanne…did I say Aimee also likes to drool?)

But, perving aside, I loved the plot. One woman proving she can make a guy fall for her then dump her in ten days? Not a brilliant premise for a love story, until you insert a hero who’s on to her. The banter in this film is fantastic, and the love story is original and convincing.

Van Wilder

Another pervy reason for this one…


Plus, the film is hilarious. Van’s spent seven years at college, Gwen is a student journalist trying to get an exclusive interview, and although they irritate each other to the point they want to hurt each other, the sparks fly from the first meeting. But, Gwen is dating stick-up-his-ass Dick, and she can’t take Van seriously since he seems like the ultimate player, but as she gets to know Van she sees the guy all isn’t what it seems and falls hard and fast. This, plus the fabulous one liners, is why I loved this film


Starting to see a theme here? Yup, if they have a hot leading male I’m more than likely going to enjoy watching, even if the plot isn’t up to par. Yes, there isn’t much conflict going on between Kevin and Charlie, but if there was, they wouldn’t ever get their HEA. Nearly didn’t when Viola jumped into their lives. Again, this film had it’s funny moments and it’s why it’s on the list.

That’s it for humour, my top five are not all fairy tale endings.

Pirates of the Caribbean

FILM Depp 2Will

 Isn’t that reason enough?

Seriously though, even though Jack didn’t find his one true love at the end of the series, Will and Elizabeth did which is why I’m classing this as a love film. From the outset you know these two are going to be perfect for one another though they have to fight against impossible circumstances to get there.

AND there’s just something sexy about Pirates, isn’t there? I mean, Flint from The Unraveling of Lady Fury had me wiping the drool from my chin on more than one occasion, especially when showing off his…erm…many talents. (Shehanne..Aimee, Thank god you did not instruct  me to insert Flint here , or really I would have been overworked…AND sporting a keeker from Fury.)

                                    The Bodyguard

I don’t know anyone who didn’t love this film when they were growing up. I had the soundtrack (on cassette) and the VCR which I watched repeatedly. The only reason this film isn’t number one on my list is because Rachel and Frank didn’t get their HEA, but that was right for them. I even cried when she drove away in the car (still do). kev

                                          Van Helsing

Because the end made me cry. Yup, when Gabriel killed Anna, even though the two had fallen and fallen hard. He’s fighting to remember the past, she’s alone fighting to make sure her family can pass on and find peace, and together they’re the perfect team. Even though Anna didn’t get to spend a long and happy life with Gabriel, she got what she’d spent her life fighting for and it choked me up. I still have to watch the sequel. Hoping poor Gabriel can fill the holes in his memory and find what he’s looking for.


Romeo & Juliet (1996) Starring Claire Dane and Leonardo Dicaprio

Out of all the renditions and plays, I preferred this one. Nothing to do with him at all…


Torn apart by their feuding families, bound together by an almost impossible love, and committing suicide because neither can face to be without the other. How can that not be on the list?



This too made me cry. It wasn’t your usual love story, one with the hero and heroine fighting to be together, which is probably why it ranks top of my list. Sam dies early on, and Molly is dealing with her grief, but her life’s in danger and Sam desperately tries to save her from the guys who killed him.

A lovely story about how love lives on even after your soul mate is gone, and I can’t help but respect Molly for finding the strength to pull through and live the rest of her life as happily as she can, knowing Sam’s waiting for her on the other side.

In fact, it touched me so much I even included a similar scene in my latest release, Never Say Never. Instead of Molly teaching Sam pottery, Sander teaches Chloe how to mix music in a pottery scene kind of way!

So that’s it for my top ten. Thank you so much Ms Moore for having me!

Shehanne– Well, Aimee, you can come here again. Just give me advance warning to bring out the drool bowl. Do take part in the poll.

Find Aimee here http://www.aimeeduffy.co.uk/



And try out her book. I LOVE that title.


When pretend turns to desire, heartbreak is unavoidable.

 Sander Chase needs a date for his ex-fiancée’s engagement party, but he doesn’t have time for a woman in his life. Between working on the TV show Do You Have What It Takes? and his band reforming, he’s too busy for a relationship. What he needs is a pretend girlfriend. He thinks he may have found the perfect woman for the job, and the bribe he offers means she’s sure to accept.
After losing her job in the film industry, breaking up with her movie star boyfriend, and finding out her mum has dementia, Chloe Butler returned to the UK determined to put her life back together. The last thing she needs is to parade around London on the arm of a celebrity, and after the heartbreak caused by her ex, she swore she’d never again date a star. But when Sander offers her a chance at her dream job, it’s not something she can turn down.
As Chloe gets to know Sander she learns he’s nothing like her scumbag ex. But she struggles to fight her attraction to him, knowing their relationship is only for show and their separation date is closing in fast.
Ignoring the insane chemistry between them should be easy for Sander, especially since he carries a secret that means there can be no future for them, but the more time he spends with Chloe, the harder it is to keep his hands to himself.
Content Warning: contains more denial than you’ll find in a courtroom, more sexual tension than most people could handle, and explosive sex that some readers may find long overdue..
Reviews Aimée creates an atmosphere of a developing friendship, kindred spirits, and a couple with whom you’ll fall in love. I love that she sprinkles her prose with bits of British slang that, although it means looking things up occasionally, lends a London air to the environment of the story that draws you in even deeper.
Her characters are full-bodied and charismatic which is quite amazing considering the modest length of the book. ~ Unwrapping Romance