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Apologies for this post being late. I was in the land of Oz… aye right, if only…blogging with Noelle Clark, on the subject of the Bloody Code. swear bo

Now that is what the 222 crimes in Britain punishable by death was called. Do you know the things I would have been hung for in 18th century Britain, the threatening letters I have written in my time? I wouldn’t have been alone either.


Then Fury got invited elsewhere. I knew I should never have let the bloody woman on here with that picture of that bloody organ grinder and Thomas.  What it is about bad women? Now she can’t shut her chops about them. And all  this blabbing is stuff I have to write for her as you can see here https://t.co/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FtizmoT8MM4&sig=5fe1688c6b293ef8f7f0eef342ac3b8bf08a539f&uid=719929340&iid=09829699-7acc-43fb-8104-07f3f8cbd99e&nid=4+252&t=1 because she is too busy poncing about sending postcards while she is about it too.

I have a special guest and fabulous writer up next blog, Mz Lindsay J.Pryor to finish the tour on a very unusual note.

lindsay j pryor

glllllllllllllll 012

Second books are tricky, although as this was actually my first, not Fury, what was tricky was seeing that email from my editor in my inbox the day before Fury’s book launch, 10 days after I subbed the manuscript. Passez me  the gas, I thought dismally, pulling the big girl pants on. She’d already  said it would three weeks for any kind of decision which would have to come from up the tree.  This doesn’t look as if it’s even getting on the tree. Never mind up it.

But hey.. it had been and now it was coming back down early. So now I’m going to sneak you round….and I do mean sneak, if my hero the Black Wolf catches us we are dead, unless we can look like this


and even if we do (sorry bambi lovers everywhere) ….some of the interesting places in the pass connected with the book. Starting right here..bbotts bar

Oops sorry, just taking a leaf out of Fury’s book there. Though let me tell you this place is interesting,’specially on a  Sat nite.

Starting here

The Devil’s Staircase.  devils

In 1692, the path was the approach route for the (apparently delayed) troops coming from Kinlochleven to provide reinforcements for the Massacre of Glencoe in which 38 people died.  Does one need any more inspiration? Guard the pass, you guard the glen. because massacres? There’s been a few of these. But we should move swiftly on if we don’t want another….DO mind the stones….

The Hidden Valley hidden valle

And the Macdonalds hid their stolen cows here? I think I asked the first time I was ever here.  I mean the coos must have had quite a climb, how they got along the rake with their big cloppers I can’t imagine. Still, having entered the ‘forbidden’ world of the Black Wolf, this place was ideal for disappearing further, which maybe we should do now……without falling to the foot of that gully there… But this gully is mentioned in the book

The Lochan


All right…man made under the most romantic circumstances by Lord Strathcona, https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/she-had-seduced-him/ so here doubling as the lovely loch of Lochalpin. Naturally in the story it has a castle out on the loch, and the Black Wolf and his bunch of bandits live in underground caves on the shore…so let’s not hang about here either…..

Eilean Munde

eileanNo not a person. A place. The burial island  once used by the Stewarts of Ballachulish, the MacDonalds of Glencoe and the Camerons of Callart. The clans shared the island and the maintenance of the graves, even when they were responsible for putting one another in them.  Also the site of a chapel built by St. Fintan Mundus…naturally chapel and island  doubles for the Island of the Saints.

Of course Glencoe  has lots of other famous landmarks but I built the story round these ones. And as we don’t want caught by the Black Wolf…. it’s time to make like a tree and leave, unless we want any of these headstones to be ours……

To Love…Honor…And Betray…  ‘HIS JUDAS BRIDE’ by Shehanne Moore coming soon from Etopia Press.