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I am sure it will astonish none of you who read my last post to learn.  Voting is still going on, if you want to pop along,  but Malmesbury is the front runner.  Vellagio is trailing well behind, although who knows but it’s ground he might catch up. As for Southey, well, Not a single one of you would choose him. Lady Fury can hardly believe it. So many great minds,  all thinking alike.

 Because as you can see from the above,  she herself is set on His Wrinkleship.


Or rather she is until…. what is it Scotland’s bard the immortal Rabbie ( just about replacing Sir Galahad in the blog-menshie stakes here)  said about the best laid plans of mice and men? Laid being a somewhat accurate word here, what Fury plans to do.

Come on everybody..’They go aft agley.’

Just as this blog does on occasion.

Going further into Fury’s world, she could  bring you here today in a sort of joint partnership with……sultan-abdulmecid6

  yes. ottomandandy.com/ a brilliant blog dedicated to the search for true elegance – recently featuring a post on Scottish gent Ewen Macgregor. and promising something on Shir Shaun (sorry Dandy but you did say). Yes Fury could bring you in time for Friday’s release, with Ottoman’s help, a selection of elegant gowns


the colour a little bland for her maybe. But don’t I really want to leave you all with the impression that I would indeed abandon her to His Wrinkleship, or that the poll itself was complete?  Malmesbury, Vellagio, Southey? When there is a fourth contender.

the abs

Oh c’mon I would not be so cruel. You would think she would be glad to see Flint, given The Contenders. But is she……..hell. Which is why I never put him on the poll, as you might have all picked him and then she would have deplored your shallow tastes.

See Fury has history with him-lucky her-. Seriously, if she was to put him on her list what it would say is that when it came to monsters she had known the very best.  But she’s not in a position to refuse him, though that’s not exactly why she chooses him. So she makes rules.  red2


ruke two

And so on and so forth. What’s more she holds him to them too, which he isn’t exactly delighted about. I mean he really just wants his freedom and his boat after all. All things plain and simple. But these rules are such an affront it sort of gets…  so there’s quite a bit of wrangling going on. Kind of  anyway.

f v f so that’s today’s poll question really in terms of breaking these rules, kissing being fully clothed, touching even. or to  be honest doing it at all.

Ps. The lovely Aimee Duffy has a great Easter giveaway. I’m not just punting it cos she’s asked me along, I’m punting it because it’s a week of different authors and books, and some great prizes in her draw. It only takes a comment to enter. www.aimeeduffy.co.uk/