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For those of you thinking I’ve relocated to the fair isle, the answer is no, despite the tatty famine ancestors. Nor is there any truth in the rumor this week there’s a baby on the go. I told you my older girl was a blond. I should of course have specified the baby in question wasn’t this


but  my advance ebook copy of Lady Fury. I worry about that girl sometimes, I really do. 

Anyway I know we have had muchos author interviews this month, what with all that biz of the chair, characters running wild . AND the guest visit from Katya Armock, but as I edge steadily up to my own releasee date. I couldn’t resist asking along a newbie author so I can sort of get the low down on the nerve wracking bit. Of course the fact her book is brilliant and we have the same surname here has nothing to do with it.
Although obviously being new I am gonna spare her ….the chair…..

(For now anyway)

I’m just gonna say, folks let’s hear it today for one of Etopia’s latest,  the lovely Erin Moore.


Erin, you’ve been writing your entire life, but have only just found your voice in the paranormal romance genre. Dare I ask why this is?

 I’d been writing these long, winding fantasy novels that didn’t really have endings and were going nowhere. After doing some research, I realized what the romance industry had to offer: a more defined story, intense readers, and happily ever after endings. It made my writing crisper to have that sort of structure around it. And I don’t even know why the paranormal aspect was so appealing – I just had this whole story about Morgane  and Aelric’s star-crossed relationship in my head, and they were both shifters/weres.

Q  Now, I want to talk about the big release day-last Friday- that thing all inspiring author’s out there dream of. Fanfare of trumpets. You were of course at your desk doing something really special, something truly earth-shattering?

 A Um, so Starbucks is officially my desk, actually. With two little ones at home, I can’t write at home. Someone always needs a snack or a nap. But Friday? oh yeah…. I was writing bacon haikus. Sort of a cross promotion of “Kissed.” (that was a joke)

 Q. Okay. Well I guess you got to bring home the bacon?

 A Ha! Yes. Here’s my favorite: (check out www.bacontv.com for all of them, as well as recipes, t-shirts, everything bacon) Let me quote you.

               Pork fat of my heart,
              Your succulent crispness,
              Mirrored in my soul.

 Q Well, I take it you’re not a vegetarian!! I just must hope we don’t have too many animal lovers visiting here today and I can edit the comments of those who are…

A  I know, I do feel so sorry for liking bacon. I really do.

 So why werewolves? (Moving swifrly on) Don’t you feel like they’re hitting saturation? Plainly down to a silver bullet shortage.

A  Can you really have too much Taylor Lautner?


Q. Hmmm.

A I don’t know why werewolves. Really. I just had this image of 14th century France, two warring werewolf clans, two lovers who have to fight their families to be together.

Q. Wow.

A  And then it just evolved into a contemporary version, set in Budapest.


As you do. Absolutely. it’s why characters love us so much We are so flexible. Changeable as …the moon some of them howl at.  Okay, Budapest. Is this a haunt of yours?

A: I’ve been twice, and just fell in love with it. It gives one the sense that there could be werewolves hidden away there still. And it’s so old, which you know impresses us Americans. But it’s also not 100% sanitized, like so many Northern European cities. It still has this opulence and decadence that survived the Soviets.  Just really rich in history and beauty.

Q Oooh…A fav place! So  Aelric was happy with this change?Does he sahre your love? 

 A Aelric favorite place is the woods. Any place he doesn’t have to hide who he is.


Q We had woods here before. Antonia Van Zandt is still running through them! And Morgane?

A Oh just give her a good café. Somewhere she can be anonymous but still watch the world go by.


Q So she obviously loves the modern setting. Still, this coudl be difficult when it comes to choosing the family holiday. How do they compromise?

A  In the mountains. Definitely somewhere cold and romantic, with a fire in the hearth.

Think you’ve struck achord there. What about yourself that way…the romantic destination?

A Big, European cities. Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Istanbul are my favorites (though I admit that I haven’t been to Scotland yet!)  Dragging the husband kicking and screaming.

 Q Oh he will be. He better have his winter woolies. Let me throw ina pic or two, get the Scottish Tourist board on the side here.

glencafe A Want to express how thankful I am to you, Shehanne, for interviewing me. And really appreciative of anyone who’s read this far! Would love to welcome any new readers to find me on Facebook.

And that’s it folks for the lovely and talented newbie Erin. Apart from me wishing her all the very best with her debut. Oh and of course saying the names are but aco-incidence. OF course here’s Erin’s book and blurb.   KissedByMoonlight_byErinMoore-200x300

When woman meets werewolf, the sex can drive them wild

Morgane has problems with men. Being a werewolf, and wary of humans, it’s inevitable. But when she meets the intense and enigmatic Aelric, she falls hard. She’s never experienced feelings like this before: desperate for his touch, crazy for the feeling of his skin on hers, and ready to surrender to him heart and soul.

Aelric has never had a problem with women; he’s a master of seduction. So when his alpha orders him to seduce Morgane for information about her clan, he accepts. He’s entranced by her supple curves and soft lips, but for once, he wants more than just her body. He wants her for his mate. But he can’t reveal his true identity, or his intentions. For he’s part of a rival clan of werewolves intent on the domination of Morgane’s pack. And dark forces are gathering that might destroy their fiery relationship..

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online sellers. Erin can be found here.