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I’m not the only one surprised this week. I think may share that honor with my home city. At least until Friday night the waterfront  was set to be  home to this.vicYes the V and A. museum…apparently anyway.  But  only on a Dundee bound bus could that have somehow become the R and A. The mind boggled I have to say. Was it the Royal Ancient? The Ruby and Albert?

alb and ruOld one even?  Or was someone not telling the truth about Rabbie.  That is his statue after all in front of what was once called the Albert Institute.


 See, I bet you  thought I was probably going to say something snidey, as in  only on a Dundee waterfront too  would you see such a thing as the city is going to be home to.  But you would be wrong. As you can see Dundee has  seen it all on its banks before.

tay whaleThe TAY WHALE 

 Anyway, in the middle of last week’s chair shenanigans the lovely Incy Black incyblack.weebly.com/  kindly nominated  – at least I think it was, you may disagree–  me for to have this badge up! I can’t actually tell you how touched I was.  Not in the head either.


 Of course one must do something…..

        The Rules

  •  Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  •  State 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers (the number seems to vary) for this award and link to them.

 SO alas 7  Things You Did Not Need to Know about Me

1 I really don’t do rules so it should be no surprise that I will probably mess this up. Sorry? What was that? Things you didn’t know? Okay? Damn, did I already give you the bit about the sparring contest at the Dundee taxi rank? Well, hmm… After a night ceilidhing on rooftops and up and down the street in the pouring rain, I was flung out and barred from a hotel at 5 in the morning in company with the other ten members of a theatre company plus their 87 costumes.

2 Despite having it I have never suffered an attack of Raynauds while on a mountain, whatever the conditions which is very fortunate for pink shoe as pink shoe likes pictured at the top.

  1. 100_1804

3 I once shared a stage with Ricky Ross.  I played piano with him too that was before he was Deacon Blue

4 Caught bonnie skiving out the school gates with my pal, Lora, despite having neither towel nor costume, nor being able to swim a half stroke between us, we hastily joined the swimming group marching in pairs- yes- on its way down the road till we could think of a way out of our predicament. Fortunately the bus chugging up the hill from the opposite direction provided just that opportunity. 

5 After clopping about making horn signs and going ‘goatus’ in a bid to explain why I wanted the terrace loungers as they were, to the handyman who, as it transpired, spoke  perfect English, I am known as Dances with Goats on Tilos.

6 Believing it was probably a scam I once googled Frank Mutabila, only to discover that having made room for this man and his wife Evelyn, at the bar of an Irish pub in Rome, sure enough we had spent the whole evening in the company of the Zambian ambassador and he had once interviewed Hilary Clinton.

7  Having nearly copped it twice I try to welcome each day whatever it brings. 

And to pass on the baton handed to me by Incy Black I nominate these bloggers who I find inspiring for many different reasons. 













I leave you with a diff pic of Rabbie…..with Highland Mary this time.


Any design resemblance between the Tay Whale  and the V and A are purely co-incidental.