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I hope you like the title. I won’t tell you the one Incy sent when she forgot to attach the actual post– the pics yes- about what kind of blog it was from. Yesterday we talked of four letter words. Sure you have a few left over …right?

Of course yesterday did end somewhat abruptly with an unsheduled transmission from Fury. You can see though that Flint is still happily alive and kicking….

Sawyer if somewhat less than before. The lovely Susan who  you must remember has an axe to grind–no not into Flint’s head, do you seriously think I would allow such things here- because she doesn’t see her muse should be…….

mrs p

 the actually perfectly lovely Mrs P.  So of course she was ready to hand her mistress that rolling pin…the one I was keeping for promotional giveaways…


 me being such a fabulous cook. There is no truth in the rumor that I abandoned ship yesterday to— talking such things as ships and kitchens– do galley proofs.

Today on the final day of authors, lets give life to our characters- then wish the hell we hadn’t – I am welcoming, writing buddy, ( yes I do have some and so does she) Incy Black, along with Anna Key. That is Anna as in   Incy just hopes will be standing on heads to get into her first book Sins of The Father.

Anna . Now look here Incy, before we even start, why focus on the pregnancy? I loathe saccharine sweet.  What a cheap way to make me likeable. And I’ve no desire to be fat. Puke, or anything else. You’ve had kids. You know what it’s like. Babies? Who needs ’em?

Incy. Of course as you can see, there are compensations.



Anna. Boots?

Incy. Face it, life kicked the crap out of you but you’re a survivor. Look at the extremes you’re prepared to plumb to get that all too elusive, unconditional love and acceptance you crave. And besides, Sins of the Father is more about the worst fears that can be visited upon an expectant mother.

Anna. Pink boots?

Incy. For kicking back with. (Brightly) It’s hardly plumbing a depth…

 Anna. No. You need to give me a better incentive. I don’t even have fun geting pregnant.  Artificial insemination by anonymous donor? Me? Do I have that much trouble getting men?

 Incy. Not at all. Here is your hubby.


Nice eh? You think I give my characters nothing?

Anna. Hmm…  Very nice. Woah. what’s that word there…sex? No wait….Ex?

Incy. Think of the fun you will have disposing of that word.  He was your best friend, Anna, and you’ve never stopped loving him. You think your love was never enough that the man has issues, trust being the least of them, that he’s interfering, overly protective.  This isn’t strip poker you and him will be playing like you used to, it’s a game of chicken with life…or death. You may need these boots bigtime. In case you aren’t convinced I could throw in these.   shoes_a

 But hey, maybe I’ll keep ’em for myself.

Anna. (grabbing Incy’s arm) Wait….

 OOH!! and so we have it ladies and gentlemen, the finish of a whole week of guest spots, squabbling characters, overheated chairs and authors swinging though forests… Thank you for your time. It only remains for me to say here is Incy Black’s blurb.

Sins of the Father (will be available through Entangled Publishing’s Suspense line but you can check out Nick and Anna their background and their world as well as the world of Incy’s other characters from forthcoming books on Pinterest)

Nick Marshall knew there was only one way to survive his ex-wife, Anna Key—expect the unexpected. But even he is caught out when Anna attracts the attention of not one, but two psychotic killers. Now how the hell is he supposed to protect her when she refuses to trust him?

Almost reformed bad girl, Anna, dare not name the biological father of her unborn child.  Especially not to Nick Marshall. She knows him of old and he doesn’t respond well to threats. What she can’t understand is, as close as Nick wants to keep her, why he insists on pushing her away.

 I can also tell you Incy can be found at –

incyblack.weebly.com with her blog ‘Into the Black’

on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/incyblack/

on Twitter: @IncyBlack

on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/incy.black

It also remains for me to put away the chair.

Old bed sheet recycled into a dust cover used on a chair at Petworth House, West Sussex

 and retire to  a darkened room, to leave you all in peace. But hey, you should know the chair and I may well be back. Cue scary music.  I will be hearing that if i don’t get through these galley proofs…..