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Okay, if any of you noticed the absence of an update yesterday on Catherine Cavendish, that was because she herself has been absent, phone off the hook, all that kind of thing, after her little guest spot here with Emily Marchant. But as I say, now Emily has been apprehended and relocated in a very beautiful spot–grave

with flowers, I can report Catherine is alive and well.

So too is Charlie Price who yesterday received a beautiful ping pong bat


the latest in persuasuve techniques promotional matieral  from his creator Charley Descoteaux.

Of course I am not the kind of person to allow others to do what I would not myself, so today I am here sur le hot seat with—Fury and Susan having said things about wild horses and dragging,  none other than  James Flint Blackmoore.  And I just hope that I am not about to get into a fight with Antonia Van Zandt re muses or things. Incy Black neither since I note we share the same one.


 Of course one little known fact about me is the papa was an army boxer, so I know and can throw a punch. I have too. On one occasion to the admiration of a Dundee taxi driver, which actually says quite a lot since they are difficult people to impress.

To think I was keeping that for the things you didn’t know about me in the Inspirational Blogger award post soon to follow–kindly bestowed by Incy– but you can pretend you never read that. Any of it actually, since I am uncertain how inspirational it is decking someone in a Dundee taxi queue but Mr Shey did ask me to take care of  things. So I did.

Okay. Enough. Flint is here today and a lovely man he is too, so I am going to explain to him why he should be in my book, The Unraveling of Lady Fury, coming March 29th from Etopia Press.. 

Flint.  Woh. Woh. Okay. You saying I’m a lovely guy, can I just read you this? ‘The father of her child, the father of the Beaumont heir, Storm’s father, was a philandering, thieving, kidnapping, blackmailing… While he had never had a father himself, bastard was not the word that came to mind. Neither was skunk.’ That is some kind of misprint right?

 Shehanne. Well (clearing throat)

Flint. I mean if I wasn’t a bastard and I wasn’t a skunk, what was I then?

Shehanne. Let us leave that to the reader to imagine. There are several words with four letters to choose from. It allows interactivity.  I have to ask you this, Flint, but were you poking your nose again where it shouldn’t be?(Shrinking a little from the iced Flint glare)  I would say that  being lovely in appearance and being lovely inside, can, on occasion, be two very different things. And think how good it will be exploring this as an issue. That on the surface you would think any woman would be happy dancing to be with you. Think of the journey you as an anti hero alpha will make.

Flint. But when you first thought of me you thought of me as nice, helpful, a sort of adviser guru type who was really sorry his old friend Fury was in this mess.  So what the hell happened you turned me into some kind of man whore?

 Shehanne.  Er….Quite a lot. But I think one must consider the greater journey a character can make.  While it is true that is how I first saw you, back stories have  better potency when there’s been terrible hurts because you weren’t just friends.  When you first stepped onto that page, you didn’t exactly step on like a friendly guru. Do you know the times I reached for this?


Not to mention


because I had reached for that, never knowing what you were going to do next. Especially when you came out with that line about Jamaica.  I mean, give a poor girl a chance. I had to go think all that up.  

Flint. I came out with lines? What about Fury and what she comes out with. Sex rules.  You never saw that coming either did you?

Shehanne. Well, won’t you have fun getting round them?

 Flint. (Giving the seductive Flint smile)  So I do?  (Easing back into the chair in the seductive Flint way ) And I bet she cracks first right? Being with me?

Shehanne. Well, (fanning self)  I am open to persuasion here and I am sure she is too….in her way….

Flint. Well, don’t that sound dandy? Ain’t that what I like to hear.

We assure you that service was not broken off by the unscheduled appearance of Fury armed with Susan’s rolling pin, and Shehanne nipping off to read gallety proofs, leaving them to it,  and will be resumed as soon as possible.

In the meantime here is the cover.



Genoa 1820

Rule one… There will be no kissing

Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn’t lost everything yet. So long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom, she might keep her position and her secrets. But when the callously irresistible man she’d rather rot in everlasting hell, than bed, threatens to expose her, she invents bedroom rules to stop herself wanting the one thing she knows he can never give her. 

 Rule two… There will be no touching

Only when it comes to rules, ex-privateer James Flint Blackmoore is a master at making his own. Soon he’s playing with fire.  Both know future happiness can only lie in keeping each other at arm’s length. Yet  they’re torn by old hurts and the promise of new passion.

But some rules are made to be broken…

 Why is she so determined to hate him? Will her secret truth make it easier or harder for him to abide by the rules?  Or will Flint finally convince her he can give her the one thing he never has?

You can find Shehanne right here, as well as Twtter, Pinterest and all these other places.  Tomorrow Incy Black will be bringing the chair extravaganza to a grand finale.