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Today I don’t need the water bucket. I don’t even need the faux accent. Today’s guest on day four of the give me one good reason I should be  in your book blog week. The one  which saw Antonia valiantly trying to contain herself yesterday and a character recovering in hospital a few days before that–Richatr’s arm is much better now, thank you, Antonia too, Karl, er– we have a special guest. An actress.ClapperBoardManResized

Well she will be if she agrees to it. Caitlyn is here with her author, the young, gifted and Scots, Aimee Duffy, who I am confident need not be nervous for all she sitting in a very hot seat.  I mean,,actress? Piece of cake.

So, Caitlyn has looked at the plot of Aimee’s book Isle of Sensuality, and now Aimee is about to find out just how much Caitlyn desires to be in it.

Caitlyn. Fine, so I’m an actress in a film…..blah, blah, blah, and fine a girl has to start somewhere but you should know as an actress, I only take serious roles, why should I take this one?

Aimee. You can’t tell me after working on a cheesy daytime soap you’d give up the chance to spend three months in Rio working on a movie with a sex-on-legs co-star. Sorry doll, not buying it. Just do as you’re told!

pestana-rio-atlanticaCaitlyn. Well the thing is…excuse me, do I know you? Who let you in here? (Shehanne hides in the corner)

Aimee. Er….well….I let myself in cos I’m hoping you will know me.

Caitlyn. I mean I am the star here, right? Do you NEXT want a tantrum over my trailer size right now? Not to mention my billing in this book of yours?  But hey you’re here so, you may have five minutes. My co star, is dedicated as I am… right?

Aimee. He’s professional, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. I admit, he doesn’t have the same reasons for getting into acting as you do, and he’s not fixed to a deadline like you are. You’ll probably get pissed off at him in the beginning, but trust me, he’s charming enough to get you on Team Jake.

Caitlyn. Okay. So he doesn’t want to win an Oscar? His affair. Personally I prefer the red carpet, not to mention the podium to myself. What did you say this film is about exactly?

oscar nights

Aimee. It’s a steamy action movie where you’ll play kick ass detective, Sandra Fell and fall hard for your co-star. Pretty much sun, sea, sex and a drug busts. Sean, the director, thinks it’s going to hit the box office harder than Titanic.

Caitlyn. Titanic? Okay. Well, see here’s my worry, talking Oscar winning films, you’re also telling me there’s not exactly been a man in my life. Is that because I’m dedicated to my work, to finding success, or is there some other reason, like I’m little Miss Snow White avec the Seven Dwarfs, rather than Rose from Titanic?


Aimee. There was one, Archie, but…Look, read the script, you’ll see what I mean. Other than that your dad was a drunk, your mum left taking your younger sister with you. And technically, since Amanda  was under sixteen, you kind of broke the law so I wouldn’t say Snow White. Maybe more of a female Robin Hood. Willing to break the law for the greater good.

Caitlyn This Jake is he just going to be my co star?

Aimee. No. You’re going to want him. Bad. Trust me, when you see him you’ll understand why. But for lots of reasons you’re going to ignore that craving until the first love scene. Then you’re going to turn into a seductress.

Caitlyn. Like Rose? Well….I suppose if the salary is right.

Ah the painless guest. It only remains for me to show you the Aimme Duffy – and that is Duffy not Duggy as I sometimes type–book cover.


Caitlyn Hart is shooting her first movie, and she doesn’t want to screw it up. Still, she’s on a deadline and when her co-star, Mr. Hot Shot Campbell, holds filming up, he’s immediately on her shit list. But she can’t ignore his charms for long or the overpowering want she feels for him. Even though she knows he’s her Mr. Wrong, she doesn’t mind him being her Mr. Right Now. If only her silly heart would stay immune.

Having been burned once, Jake Campbell doesn’t have the capacity to love, but that doesn’t mean relationships of a purely sexual nature are off limits. After all, a man has needs. His sexy co-star with fire red hair and a passion to match ignites his own desire and he sets out to convince her a fling is the only way to scratch the proverbial itch. Little did he figure that she’d be the one to penetrate the thick scars on his heart and make him feel.

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  •  To tell you a bit about Aimee.
  • For as long as Aimee can remember, she’s had a good book in my hands. In primary school she loved Roald Dahl. In high school she was introduced-iff not personally–  to Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Jane Austin, Emily Bronte, and Shakespeare. It was then that she discovered her love for romance. She lives in sunny Scotland in a small town near the Ochils and works nine to five in a solicitor’s office.
  • Aimee can be found here www.aimeeduffy.co.uk
  • Tomorrow’s candidate for the hot chair is the lovely Charley Descoteaux.