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YES!! Today the chair is back in biz. Please let me assure you that all reports that Emily Marchant, armed and dangerous  has been chasing her creator, Catherine Cavendish  over half the countryside,  and Richard had to have his arm put in a cast, are totally false.

Emily is now back in her coffin and Richard just loved the flowers Faith sent him. Please let me also assure you that today’s guest, erotic paranormal writer Antonia Van Zandt has spent a whole day in the cold shower and so is ready to deal with her sexy creation, Karl.

bigstock_fresh_shower_12460934 pictured here yesterday looking like this.


So I really just think seeing as she has just walked in here as opposed to being wheeled, we should  cut to the introduction. Cue the applause, put on the faux accent and ask Antonia to explain to Karl just why he should be in her new book. Vienna Valentine.

The Werewolf and His Author. Karl meets his maker.

 Karl. So Vienna Valentine? I get the alliteration, but why not Venice? It is the city of lovers isn’t it?

 Antonia.  Karl! I’m shocked. How could this story be set anywhere but Vienna? The magic, the beauty, the romance…and the legends of werewolves in the Wienerwald. Now look, don’t you imagine yourself there?  


Karl. Not really. If I was Tarzan maybe and could swing from the branches. I don’t like trees.  Of course, Antonia, depending on who I was swinging with I might be persuaded.

Antonia. You know, I never realised before what long eyelashes you have. And you’re doing that thing with your eyes again. Undressing me. In public. Karl, stop it. It’s undignified. Wait till later…(fans herself, while Karl smiles languorously and crosses his legs)

 Karl. Later? But I’m a wolf, Antonia. Now I know according to you, who I must say is somewhat bias, wolves dream of passion, won’t being a wolf make things difficult? Why can’t I just be an ordinary human?

Antonia. (Antonia lets her eyes travel appreciatively the length of  his taut, muscular body. He is dressed in a black leather jacket, crisp white shirt, and tight black leather pants. His mane of glossy golden brown hair drapes his shoulders and his clear, sapphire blue eyes reach into her soul. She sighs. If only… Shehanne stands by with the bucket of water)


(To chuck on Karl of course. You can see he is getting well out of hand, just as Antonia suspected.)

Nothing about you could ever be ordinary, Karl. That’s why I cast you in my story. Your eyes hold secrets and your body is strong, yet you could hold the most delicate flower without harming even one of its petals. I sense danger around you. I should be scared, but as long as you’re there, I know I am safe. That’s how Nina feels, so she’s so scared when…Ah, but that’s too much information!

Karl.  Yes. But what does it mean not being human? Do I howl at the moon at night, or what? Because Antonia…I have to tell you…

Antonia.  (Fanning self) You can howl with the best of them and you shapeshift every full moon too.

 Karl.  So tell me about Nina?

 Antonia. She has known tragedy in her life and her eyes have a faraway look in them. Nina is independent-minded and feisty, but she is also a romantic, longing to love and be loved. She is bisexual, sexually charged and adventurous, and has no idea that a night of passion will lead to the greatest love of her life. You, my lovely Karl.

 Karl.  Am I going to treat her better than her ex husband?

Antonia.  That remains to be seen. But you’d better, or you’ll have me to answer to!!! 

Karl. You Antonia? Now that I must consider.

It only remains for me to assure you no werewolves were harmed in the making of this interview.

e9bcb9994c974f2ae10f34f86e66275eHere is Antonia’s blurb

On a hot summer’s night in Vienna, wolves dream of passion…

Escaping from a disastrous marriage, Nina comes to stay with friends in Vienna for a much-needed holiday. Love is the last thing she’s looking for, but when she sees the hot couple in the apartment below making love on their balcony, she can’t take her eyes off them. When they invite her to join them for a night of pleasure, how can she refuse? Captivated by the handsome, seductive Karl, Nina agrees and has the hottest sex of her life. It’s just supposed to be a bit of fun. A one-night stand.

But one night of passion with this gorgeous, mysterious man is not enough. There’s something unusual about him. But what is his secret? And why won’t he let her look at him when they make love? When she finally learns the truth, Karl’s life hangs in the balance, and Nina must leave, never knowing if she’ll ever see him again…

 Antonia van Zandt grew up in the ancient city of Salisbury, England and is related to deposed European royalty. She now lives in Vienna, Austria with a collection of family paintings and a menagerie of cats. Antonia is currently working on her next Paranormal/Erotic story

 You can contact Antonia here:




Vienna Valentine is available from:

 Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.ca Barnes and Noble  Kobo

Tomorrow it is the turn of the lovely Mz Aimee Duffy to sit in the hot chair.

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