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electric_chair_91_001Okay, we come to day two of the terrifying hot seat.

Look it’s Mz Faith Ashlin, she’s stiff upper lip and all, even if her deepest fear is PROMO (cue scary music). Anyway Faith should just count herself luckier than the gentleman  who stepped upon the Broughty Ferry bus yesterday  to ask afew punters what they thought of the service.  

In the ensuing riot he was lucky to get off again. ‘Go try the Fintry bus,’ one said, which still being a Fintry girl at heart, I could yet remember the educative values  of.   And I thought Ferry punters were well…..not like that.  At tea time too. But hey Fintry gals know we all get hungry. And at least he still had his clipboard intact.

Anyway, yeterday it was a thrill having Catherine and Emily along, Catherine sweating blood to explain to Emily just why she should be in her book. Faith looks as if she sweats a few pounds here. I told her just think of the figure afterwards,

AND so easily attained..ahem. Without more ado here she is telling Richard from her latest release What You See Isn’t ALways What You Get just why he should be in this book.


RICHARD.  So this book means a lot to you… Do you have any idea, lady, how often we characters get that sob story from you authors?  What an arm twisting device it is……..no more.

FAITH. (Sweating buckets) That would be such a pity Richard, I mean I discovered your story and it just blew me away. It was a story just begging to be written. I cried at parts as I wrote them down but I think the ending is truly uplifting and will make anyone see that there is always hope. That no matter how bad things appear there is always a chance for something better. 

And then I fell in love with all the characters. Yes, all of them, especially you! But I’ll admit I have a real soft spot for Grady. At the start I didn’t know him at all but by the end I was hopelessly in love with him. He broke my heart but made me admire him so very much. Of course, if you don’t want to be a part of that….

 RICHARD. All right. All right. Excuse me while I just get back my arm in order to get out my violin.  Maybe raise some money busking on the streets here. Look sex for money isn’t exactly a new concept. It’s been around almost since creation. And you want to write about that? When I could just twang a few strings..

FAITH.  I don’t think it’s the typical ‘sex for money’ situation. Denny isn’t a slave anymore nor is he a whore. Plus you, Richard, aren’t asking for the normal reasons. There is so much more behind your request and it tells us a lot about you.  

 RICHARD. But you’re going to wait till I come on board to tell me it? Or maybe you haven’t even thought of it yet? Yeah that would be about right.  This world I live in, it’s really comfortable right? I mean do you have any idea how we characters get sick of that too? Being stuck in sick future visions you authors wouldn’t dream of living in yourselves? Run by Teenage Mutant turtles or something.


FAITH. (Shifts uncomfortably) Now Richard, if you’d just sit down again I can tell you that it it…er…is a damaged world. Yes. But one that is just starting to recover and move on. No don’t get up again. Please.  You see it’s a place full of hope where people are really trying to make a difference. A place where slavery has gone but that didn’t make everything sunshine and flowers overnight. Now you all have to work for the peace. You and Denny will be doing that every way you can. How nice will that be?

RICHARD. Not that nice or I wouldn’t be keeping on fighting would I?

 FAITH. You fight because you’ve been fighting all your life and you don’t know what else to do. You lost hope and couldn’t see a future for yourself. But you found it again in a most unexpected place, and had the courage to go for it. 

RICHARD.  So you want to tell me why I should be in your book, cos so far….? 

FAITH. People should know your story, and Denny’s, because you’re truly interesting! You made me realise that we really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, nor a person by what you see on the outside. At first glance I made assumptions about both you and Denny but that’s not who either of you are. It took time but slowly I got to know you and I think other people will love to do the same because you really are worth knowing.

RICHARD. Ahhhhh. Okay, so call me an ambulance..this arm I think you broke it.


FAITH. Why not read the blurb on the way to hospital?

Here’s the blurb…

Sex for money. That’s the simple deal ex-freedom fighter Richard offers when he buys Denny’s freedom.

When ex-freedom fighter Richard buys a slave’s freedom, he has a deal to offer. Being more inexperienced than he appears, he needs someone to teach him a few things. Sex for money and help is what he’s proposing. Denny can always say no.

 Denny agrees, and as they settle into their new life, they learn things about themselves and each other, as well as the nature of freedom and love.

But when are things ever that easy? Their world is suddenly shattered by a ghost from Richard’s past. That’s when Denny takes control, shows what he’s made of and fulfills a need Richard didn’t even know he had. It turns out neither are what they appear to be……..

RATING: 5 sweet peas and a Highly Recommended Book Sweet Peas! –‘I couldn’t put it down. It’s one of best books I’ve read in ages’. Available from Amazon. Silver Publishing

FAITH ASLIN  herself was clearing out her attic many years ago, she found a book she’d written as a ten-year old. On rereading it she realized that it was the love story of two boys. Over the years her fascination with the image of beautiful young men, coiled together as they fell head over heels in love, became a passion for her.
Since that first innocent book – written in purple sparkly pen – she has written many stories, set in varied worlds but always with two men finding their way to happiness.
Nothing much has changed because now she can be found in a daydream, wandering around the supermarkets of London, or sitting in a meeting at work still dreaming up stories.

 You can find her at…

Blog: http://faith-ashlin.livejournal.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003973348836Blog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ashlin_Faith

Email: faith.ashlin@gmail.com

Tomorrow we rest the chair to bring you the lovely Katya Armock author interview. BUT then it’s on with the chair’s next occupant,  poor Antonia Van Sandt, who even now is in the shower cooling herself…but maybe that’s because of Karl.