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Did I mention the c word last week? Confidence. Confidence, for those of you already thinking I mean something else. I am very polite writer that way. A very polite person too. Well, anyway putting aside the fact I am flying this blog by the seat of my proverbials, it has been quite a week where confidence is concerned. Firstly I gubbed Pinterest. Yes. And there is even a button on this site to prove it. Of course I haven’t clicked it yet. It might well lead somewhere else, proving to be the white rabbit of buttons. This social media lark is contagious. A few months ago I would have thought no way.  


Now here I am zinging  about the internet galaxy, clicking Pin It with a speed and aplomb that would put Buzz Lightyear to shame.

Then I signed a petition.


Now you may think how is that of any interest? I do myself. It was an online one. And when I finished I was astonished to be asked for a donation. Since, talking such matters, I was confident my bank manager would have a heart attack if I did, I refused. Why stretch the National Health Service further? My pockets either. I mean wasn’t enough I wrote some nice words on saving the arts as without their illumination, blah de blah?

 Obviously not.

But then, I was avalanched with emails. Petition signing has become a very serious business. Did I know I was now part of this multi-million (all right I exaggerate…slightly) group of caring, sharing people? Did I know I could set up my own petition? Did I know I should do so right now about things that matter to me?

Uncertain what the success rate would be if I asked people to sign for my right to enjoy a bottle of wine on Friday night, or a night out on Saturday, for these pesty cold callers to *&6& *%%  when I’m in the middle of being creative, I refrained. I mean I am never going to be freshly pressed.

Then came the further deluge here was how to tweet the petition I had signed. How to   facebook it.  Shehanne, here is how to email it to your friends – sure they would have loved that. So we could all be one big carey sharey petition hugging family. I mean I have time to do that don’t I, in between working, writing and being a domestic goddess? After all that is what I set up Twitter and Facebook for to do, now wasn’t it?

All I can say is petitions have changed a lot since I put my name to the save Scooby Doo campaign.

So, on reflection, here is how to naff off, I said.

The other petition presently doing the rounds is the Bedroom Tax one. I admit to a certain salacious curiosity with regard to what that was exactly. Wouldn’t you? How it might be implemented too.


Now I have found out it is to do with having a spare room. I was a little worried there. I know one daughter has moved out because we are –reflitting her today. The other though preferred bestowing herself on other people years ago. She may well still be here somewhere. I don’t know.

 As taxes go though this shocker is aimed at those least able to afford it.  I am only surprised the governemtn does not hand out begging bowls and badges next. About  twenty yards from where we live is a building that is testament to the Window Tax folly, when the occupants gave the finger to Regency politicians. Although, of course it probably made for increased candle bills. isaac-cruikshank-aft_-woodward-1797-hand-col-caricature_-georgian-tax-satire-62216-p

I would sign the petition but I don’t want caught up in more caring/sharing.  

 As writers we all know the value of social media in terms of selling ourselves, but there’s a fine line between putting ourselves out there and pushing everyone to embrace us.

Next blog….. Emily Guido.