Yes, the bitch is back. Oh come along, I am not speaking of myself – much. And I’m not boasting of keeping the New Year Resolutions either.  Come along there too. Although I am telling you now, it being mid January and time to take a passing look at them. I am both surprised and amazed to be able to report, that with the exception of the cussing, I have kept them. angl

I mean I have drunk less. One cup of coffee per day is actually a very good less for me – I never specified what that drink would be – although I do admit the mountain bit has yet to be tested, since the most I have been able to do is stare at the white remembered alas hills only from the window. 

As for getting into scrapes, hermits don’t. And that has been me.  Although the eye is on the hills and the eye is on the door, and of course one never knows what surprises await. That is the great thing with surprise.  And obviously I would be lying big time if I said I had never got into scrapes in the house itself. Let’s not talk about the time I wrapped the rake round the neighbor’s Sky TV cable, trying to stop our roof buckling beneath a ton of snow. I will confess it now. That was me…

No. Revenge bounced back onto the TV screen last week and so did Victoria, the queen bee of bitches, who was killed off last series. I have to say that talking of titanic surprises, indeed talking of any surprise at all, the resurrection was somewhere down near the excuse me while I muster mine on the arrow of discontent button.

This had nothing to do with the would they seriously kill off a major character played with such panache by an ex-big screen actress scenario and everything to do with it all being done before.

Personally I love these big series where the writers take the pieces and fling them in the air. Then they pick them up and chuck ’em some more. These Scarlet Pimpernelish things where we seek it here, we seek it there, and the writers probably do too.  But so much is out there and so much has been done, we’re not just seeking, we’re knowing exactly where to look. 


           Yo! Merle and Les, hopefully not arguing script dynamics

I’m thinking about the time I had this whizzo idea to surprise my mother by making doughnuts for her coming in from work. When she came home to see her best pot lying in the middle of the lawn with flames still shooting from it – even in those days I couldn’t bake – well, it was a surprise wasn’t it?  And when she went berserk, well it was an even bigger one. For me anyway, because I had never seen her quite like that before. And I really hoped I would not see her like that again.


       Defo not my doughnuts. Not even my photoshopped  ones

So, for what’s left on my overdraft, the surprise would have been had they killed Victoria off. 

Yes. Sometimes things can spin full cycle so what would once have been bland and boring, is now a fresh spin.

Depending on how you do it that is.  I think it’s really important when it comes to writing, given the mega amount of books out there, to consider that.  To twist, to turn, to throw the pieces in the air but also to consider as you piece the picture together, what’s new and what’s old and what can be moved round to create the same picture but from a totally different angle……angel.

Oh…did I really say last blog but one, this blog would be about romantic places in Scotland? Oh, quell surprise, it’s no.