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Well, the silly season is upon us once more. That of goodwill and shopping and cooking and all that jazz. Talking shopping, so many writers have these wonderful pics on their blogs of their recipes and cakes and things. It is why I am hoping my saviour friend Ross will be my Sir Galahad here and help me out here as he used to when we were on the same team, by photo shopping these.


Otherwise that’s all you’re going to get.

 Okay, so this post. No. I won’t be lonely this Christmas. I know you may think that looking at these cakes. They probably will though. Looking like that I doubt very much anyone will eat them.

But, my heroine, Fury, very nearly was, having spent a vast majority of book and backstory suffering the pangs of unrequited love for the hero.  One of the rules of romance writing is that there must be a happy ever after, so, of course  – although by this stage she largely doesn’t deserve it, that’s what happens.

Of course what she doesn’t know either is that the hero does love her. He always has. He just isn’t self aware enough to know that’s what it is.

In the meantime, what she feels…or rather what she won’t let herself feel, colors her every thought, guides her every action, makes her cling even harder to her goals, so her pride and strength become a huge weakness.  A flaw that begins to hurt the man she loves, driving him to do things he wouldn’t, if all was well in his world, which it’s not.

Let’s face it people react differently when love is unrequited. But for every Alex Forrest, cooking rabbit on the object of their affection’s kitchen stove – almost as  nice a tea time gift for his family as my cakes  – there is a noble, suffering soul. There is a person destroyed by waiting, there is a person who chooses someone else. There are those who just can’t. It’s very much a personality thing how you respond.   It’s also a  cruel thing unrequited love. Because as Fury thinks, it doesn’t matter what you feel for them,  that person  will never love you back.

Christmas being  a hard time for those suffering from unrequited love – a hard time for many people, but I’m a romance writer –  I thought I’d take a look at some of those destined to be…yes you’ve guessed it…..  lonely this Christmas. Please feel free to add your own.

Mark   Love Actually.


I was going to start with Cyrano De Bergerac. But he died when a log fell on his head and it unfortunately reminded me of the only two items of ancient history my pal Lora and I ever learned in Latin class. Not because we didn’t listen. But because the aged dodder taking it who seemed to be in love with the king of Epirus, – unrequited since the said gentleman has been dead since 272 BC – kept yammering about how a ‘sully wummin drapped a tile on Purus’ heid and kulled him.’ That was one thing. The other I won’t speak of, or the hand gestures that accompanied it. No. It being Christmas after all, I am starting here with Mark. Just look at him there, with his nice placard and everything and not a bad thought in sight. Awww..

Despite being madly in love with Juliet, Mark suffers quietly.  How can it be otherwise? She is married to his best friend. So what does he do about it? Turn up and boil the turkey cos they don’t have rabbit? Write all I want for Christmas is for her to die, letters to Santa? No.  Mark loves her so much he knows he must not only explain his offhandedness to her but why the wedding video is ALL of her. Even then he never lets the words actually pass his lips. What a gent.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? ….No way. We should all ask Mark for dinner. He’d be great at all the mime games. The singing too. He might even cross out the you on the placard and write these cakes…..

Like this…….


 Alex Forrest   Fatal Attraction

fat at

I think we have all heard the song Run Rabbit. Unfortunately the Gallagher family pet didn’t have that option. Of course Dan didn’t know when he began the fling with Alex he was getting up close and personal with a psycho bitch, so when he dropped her, her reaction was to run amok with kitchen blades, engage the fury of the anti-bunny boiling brigade and end up dead. Which means she probably won’t be lonely this Christmas. No. She’ll be haunting Dan.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor?…Absolutely. Never mind homes,  the woman is a bunny destroyer. I mean, would you let her near the turkey?

Katherine Glendenning  The Paradise


Oops…here’s another one. No matter the series ended with a lover’s kiss between Moray and Denise, you just know the way Katherine marched to church in full bridal regalia, hell bent on marrying Moray, forget the bunny, the next series may well start with Denise in that pot.  Spoilt, spiteful Katherine is an example of I want. I get. Be that parasol, or man. Regardless of whether they want me. And they are telling me they don’t want me. Right to my face, they don’t want me. If I were Moray, I’d be watching the contents of my Christmas stocking very closely. She’s likely to pop out of it going you want me, you know you do.…..

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Well, she would be handy if you want your beer frozen I suppose.

Jay Gatsby The Great Gatsby


Everything he’s done, he’s done it for Daisy. From amassing a million, building a fabulous mansion, holding extravagant parties and picking out the green light on the of her pier. Gatsby ends up dead because of her. Does she love him? How long do we have to answer… no?  As Nick says, she is careless and she hurts people. But a bit like the wisemen Gatsby follows the star. Always hopeful, this is going to turn.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? No way. Someone should invite this guy to a party. He’d probably pay for it too.

Amber St Clare   Forever Amber

imagesCAWZXG06Amber’s passion for Bruce Carlton runs to hundreds of pages. Amber was hardly the kind to content herself with making a splash in her own duck pond. But everything she does, from stealing to becoming the king’s mistress, she does because she wants him. Don’t forget they have a son together. Does Bruce reciprocate? No. Amber just takes it on the chin really she’s not nobly born enough for him – the irony being she is. Someone needs to tell Santa to put the proof in her stocking.   

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Well, lord knows why but she just can’t get past Bruce. You’d need a place for him at your table too. And with shoulder pads like these, your guests either side will get banjoed face down into the salmon mousse, every time he reaches for the cranberry sauce.

Rhett Butler  Gone with the Wind


Well, Scarlett doesn’t love him, does she? Not until it’s too late anyway. And although Rhett says he shan’t be lonely, the world is full of many women, as one of them, Belle Watling points out what’s the use of pretending when he’s poisoned with her. Putting all the wise-cracking aside, Rhett loves Scarlett through three marriages, a war and just about everything you care to name, growing steadily more disillusioned, because he can’t wean her from her fancy for the ‘wooden-headed’ Ashley Wilkes.  Until finally, he’s had enough and she can write to Santa all she wants.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Let me give you my address.

Isabella  Linton  Wuthering Heights

imagesCA9HH0CDJust how much of this unrequited business is caused by there being a third party to compare all the faults to, who is everything you’re not? It would be interesting to know.  Because Isabella loves Heathcliff, who of course loves Cathy. Heathcliff is terrible to her and she loves him. Loves him so much she even tells him he’s not a monster and she is a woman just as capable of loving him as much as Cathy. But the fact is she’s not and remaining with him quietly destroys her inside. I  think she had many lonely Christmases.

 Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Someone rescue her before she strangles that man in a game of charades.

Fiona   Four Weddings and A Funeral

Charles-and-Fiona-four-weddings-and-a-funeral-16794271-480-360When Fiona makes the stunning declaration that she had been in love with Charles for years…..it’s a knock me down with the feather you’re holding moment. She’s so refined about it. Nothing you can do, she says, having accepted the hopelessness of the situation. He has always just thought of her as a friend., you see, so she’s right there. he still does, preferring to  not marry – not marrying being very important to him Duckface. Fiona’s luck with men doesn’t exactly improve either.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Unless she starts being more realistic and puts that ciggie out for a kick off, before your guests get hit by the fire alarm and Bruce’s shoulder pads.

James Sawyer Ford    Lost

imagesCAMA08QEIt doesn’t matter how much better he understands Kate, how much more accepting he is of everything she’s done or does, how much chemistry they share, there is just one problem. Jack. Sawyer’s finest moment isn’t jumping from the helicopter so she can escape. Or helping her save the boy Ben’s life after Jack tells her to naff off. It’s much, much earlier, when Juliet kills Pickett so he and Kate can escape the Others and she cries because it means leaving Jack. He’s so nice to her despite it dawning why she’s screwed him, so talking Christmas he thought all his had come at once. Does he boil bunnies? No. Bunnies are Ben’s speciality. But tree frogs now……

 Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Wait, did I give that address to Rhett?

Eponine Thenardier   Les Miserables

imagesCAHA6SXIIf  only it wasn’t for that damned Cosette, who knows,  but Marius would think of her less as a friend and more as a lover. Maybe the roles were once reversed with Eponine queening it over her, Eponine nobly leaves the bunny population of Paris intact, dying – literally  – to give Marius,  Cosette’s note. In his arms of course, where else? She even tells him not to fret.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Until she starts making a better job of delivering notes and doing something really useful, like binning them.

Elliot Richards     Bedazzled

bedsWhat is great about the plot here is the amount of chances the dazzled Elliot gets to win the girl. Of course he’s selling his soul…..something unrequited lovers probably consider…  And we just know the devil is going to be smarter when it comes to granting the wishes.  Or not, as the case is. But it really just goes to show if someone’s not into you, they’re not into you, because it doesn’t matter what the scenario is Alison doesn’t just not want him, she actively prefers rough bikers, highbrows… you name it.   How does it end for Elliot? With someone else. Who looks just  like her……….Well it’s one way I suppose.

Deserving to be lonely this Christmas factor? Which Elliot exactly are we talking of here?

Anyway  here’s hoping whoever you are wherever you are you won’t be lonely this Christmas.