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Having interviewed the gorgeous and talented, Milly Taiden last month, about her new release, Sharp Change, today it’s the turn of the equally gorgeous and talented Aimee Duffy. All my guests are by the way!

Okay, that’s not her. That’s Whitney Houston and if you are wondering why, just gimme a mo and all will be revealed. Aimee is another debut author and a Scot’s lass, like myself. I’d like to shout that out but I don’t really do capitalized words! I will say though .. it’s fantastic to see a fellow writer from these shores make it. Yay, Yay, Yay.  (I’ll do this instead.) Landing a contract isn’t easy. For a number of reasons, it’s especially difficult landing one across the pond. So I’m thrilled her first novel, the Monster of Fame, has just been released by Beachwalk Press. What’s more it’s getting glowing reviews. If you enjoy shows like American Idol and the X Factor, if you are a closet fan, you are going to love this book. So let’s get to the questions. How’s that,  there’s only two.

 Q….. Aimee… I am sure you could tell us all about yourself, where you’re from, where you’ve worked. But it’s probably been done a hundred times before you’re from Alloa and live in Dunfermline. That you’ve even worked at Brewer’s Fayre!  So give us the low down on a day in the life of Aimee Duffy.

 A. I’m going to cheat and skip to the weekend, because my weekdays would bore an accountant. Saturdays are usually spent hammering out a couple of thousand words, then I’m off to the shops—not a wise thing to do unless I leave the credit card behind! Then the world’s my oyster. I’m not one for staying in at the weekend, but clubbing has lost its appeal. Still, there’s plenty scope there for bar hopping, especially if there are cocktails on offer!

 Q. Let’s face it, singing contests aren’t just the next big thing, they are the big thing. I notice one of your reviews comments on your behind the scenes knowledge of them. Who inspired you to write a book set in this industry? Do any connect to your leads?

 A. Well, although very different from my hero, Miles Oliver, Simon Cowell fascinates me. He’s the man everyone loves to hate. Simon’s raging fame and success inspired Miles. Except Miles isn’t like Simon. He’s a younger, hotter and let’s not forget nicer version of Mr Cowell with a very different past. In fact, the only similarities I kept is that Miles has his own record label and is a judge on a talent show. That’s one.

Two? Growing up, Whitney Houston was one of the first singers I really connected to. In my opinion, her voice is one of the best of all time. Her talent is what I was aiming for with Annabelle MacIntosh, the heroine, although she never went down the same sad road as Whitney did. Miles wife followed that path of drink and drugs. But Annabelle grew up with a father who suffered from a gambling problem and she’s extra careful not to get involved with drugs or anything remotely addictive. Miles fears that’s exactly where she’s headed.

 Going on, I also remember watching the X Factor a few years ago and I could have sworn Diana Vickers would win. Her voice was unique and she had a lovely personality. Again, a little of Annabelle is thrown in here, though Annabelle doesn’t have half the confidence Diana had.

 I know celebrity romances can be a risky sell, especially with five minute marriages like Russell Brand and Katy Price’s, or even horrible divorces like Heather Mills and Paul McCartney’s, but not all couples in the music industry end up that way.

Look at Beyonce and Jay Z. I admire these two, both for their work and their love for each other. When I thought of how I could convince people Miles and Annabelle were in it for the long haul, there was no better an example anywhere. I firmly believe the Z’s are in it for life, and so are Miles and Annabelle.

And getting back to Cowell, I remember watching him years ago when Leona Lewis won. I actually despised him up until that point, but the way he seemed to really care about her (and I’m not saying in a romantic way here!) made me think he had a soft spot beneath the harsh words and chest-high trousers.

 It got me thinking…What if a judge did the opposite? What if they did everything in their power to get rid of a contestant, but began to care for them anyway? What if those feelings developed into a romance that couldn’t ever be? And voila! An idea had sparked for The Monster of Fame! There’s nothing I’ve ever done that I’ve enjoyed more than combining my two loves, romance and music, into a story………….

So there you have it, from Amy.  The Monster of Fame published by Beachwalk Press is out now.  It is available from both Amazons and of course, Beachwalk Press, etc. Aimee can be contacted at  




Here she is by the way…

And this is the blurb for her book.

Can the voice of an angel heal a tortured soul?

Annabelle MacIntosh enters a reality singing contest to save her family from their mounting debt. Miles Oliver, celebrity judge and the owner of the biggest record company in the UK, doesn’t think she has what it takes. She sings like an angel, but when she performs all he can focus on is the terror in her eyes. It’s a look he knows only too well. After the pressure of fame destroyed his wife, Miles swore he’d never let the same thing happen to anyone else. Driven by the guilt he’s carried for years, Miles tries everything in his power to make sure Annabelle doesn’t succeed, because he doesn’t believe she’ll survive it.

Annabelle needs that prize money, and she’s determined to win it. As she fights to make it through each round of the contest, an attraction begins to develop between the two adversaries. The longer Annabelle remains in the competition, the deeper her attraction grows to the man who’s trying to prevent her from reaching her goal. Can she convince Miles she’s strong enough to fight the fame monster and win?