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When I signed with Etopia, I could see the mountainous task ahead. Enough to convince me it just wasn’t safe to go back to the PC again. No. Not the writing of the book. That was done. The social networking. Ahhhh! The social stuff that nowadays goes hand in hand with writing of any kind. Blogs. Twitter. Facebook. Your biggest chance to interact with others. And to learn lots about your craft, about markets, etcetera, etcetera as the King said to Anna.

Of course, having done both design and editing, this would not be a problem. None at all. Well. Let me tell you, I found climbing this, five hours in torrential rain, jacket burst and leaking in after the first hour,  the other half with hypothermia at the top and all the way back down still to get, in zilch visibility, easier.

Buchaille Etive Mor.

Yes. Let us not talk of the tears that were shed. The keyboards that were battered. The PC screens that were punched. The air that was blue.

Sometimes the road less travelled IS less travelled for a very good reason, after all. There was good reason why every other person, save the three Glasgow Hill-Walking Clubbers, turned back off the mountain that day. Oh, and us of course. We were insane? Yes. But we were also there now. It was what we had set out to do. So… We would do it.  

There was good reason why I had not so far attempted any of these networking things….. I could see when it came to such things I was a bird like this……..

However, never mind day,  one step at a time. As with the mountain… I am there now. Sur Facebook, Twitter, here and yesterday the website was finally indexed. It’s shehannemooreweeblycom.weebly.com/

I am there because I  came to do it. Thanking you all for your support this far.